11 stories from top startup entrepreneurs

11 startup entrepreneurs share priceless stories

Everyone is in search of a role model, what if you can learn from 11 startup entrepreneurs?

IndianCEO in association with sumHR bring you 11 priceless stories from India’s top startup entrepreneurs.

These startups entrepreneurs methods to success may be different but they have seen it all. Right from working a startup with pennies to working with VC funds. Although there’s no harm in diving into the real world all by yourself, it’s always nice to have a few tips in your pocket. After all, you never know when they might come in handy.

As an entrepreneur there will be ups and down but there is always sunrise after the end of darkness.  This is exactly why people look up to those who’ve been through it. They have their experiences to share, ones that you will directly relate to when you set out to achieve your goals.

The startup journey is not easy but it is a necessary evil to make a place in this digital world. To help you get through this event journey with ease, we’ve pulled valuable talks from various entrepreneurs into a small video for you. Whatever your dream may be, these motivational stories will surely put things in perspective.

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