Ram Kadambi Tech Entrepreneur Shares 5 Success Tips

Ram Kadambi shares 5 tips for budding startup entrepreneurs

Industry expert turned investor turned startup entrepreneur is Ram Kadambi. His 20+ years of experience helped in the pushing 3 startups to the path of success. Presently heading Aries Biomed but shares his knowledge and experience with any and every startup to strengthen the Indian startup ecosystem.

This episode Ram Kadambi shares five tips that will be useful for Startups in their journey to success.

Tip 1 – Right Product and Right Service

Find out if there is a need in the market for your idea

Will the customer pay for it

Classify products into 4 buckets called 4 A s – Agile product, Acceptable product, Adaptable product, Affordable product

Tip 2 – Have a right co-founder

Finding a co-founder is the toughest job but ensure you have a right partner for the bumpy ride

Tip 3 – Bring in an investor only when you’re run out of money

Tip 4 – Market yourself; create a brand for you and product will fall in its place

Tip 5 – Have a sound strategy, have a plan in place, adapt to the changes but stick to your plan

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