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Laundry startups are loss making? asks PKC Laundries CEO

This week on our CEO Tv, we have a special guest by the name of PK (Premanth Kundurthi). Well he is way different from Amir Khan from the movie PK, because he is a startup super star running a laundry services startup called PKC Laundries. PK shares his story in this episode to show how a solution for an unorganized sector can make a startup profitable.

Profile of PK, Co-founder PKC Laundries

Has more than 4 years of industry experience and currently running PKC laundries.His startup is an aggregator for laundry services in Hyderabad and they are the first technology driven laundry services company in twin cities(Hyderabad and Secunderabad). They provide fast, quality and affordable laundry services at customers door step.

Questions asked to PK are

1) Why did u get into laundry services industry?
2) There are lot of shot downs in this industry, what is the secret behind PKC Laundries success?
3) Are you expanding to other cities?
4) What ROI will you give an investor?
5) Any advice to budding entrepreneurs in this industry?

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Laundry startups are loss making? asks PKC Laundries CEO
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