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Face to Face with Pegasystems India MD Suman Reddy

Pegasystems hosted IndianCEO at their innovation designed office

In this episode of CEO Tv we interviewed Pegasystems India Managing Director, Suman Reddy. We captured Suman’s thought’s on what Pegasystems is doing in the space of digital transformation and most importantly what he thinks about Indian Startup Ecosystem.

About Pegasystems India Md, Suman Reddy

‘Building for change’ is a phrase that defines Suman Reddy, Managing Director, Pegasystems India, which is also the core objective of the organization. Mr. Reddy’s dynamic & collaborative leadership style has propelled Pegasystems India become not just a key innovation centre that drives digital change across the world’s largest organizations, but a major technology player in the regional economy. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies across the North American market, Mr. Reddy has led large technology teams build state-of-the-art enterprise systems for more than two decades. Currently, he is helping organizations stay at the forefront of the digital economy, leveraging his deep understanding and expertise of cutting-edge technology in building world class R&D centers. Mr. Reddy holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.

Questions asked during this interview are

  • Digital Transformation is a myth. Whats your opinion and what is Pegasystems doing int his space?
  • How much time do you take to digitally transform an enterprise?
  • Western companies are saying digital transformation is a myth, what are your comments to this?
  • Any opportunity for startups in this industry?
  • Should Pegasystems be worried about startups entering digital transformation?
  • Would you acquire a company with same technology as Pegasystems?
  • Acquisition means firing employees?
  • What about human resources from acquisition?
  • Company success is because of human resources?
  • Do you believe in hiring the best or training a fresher?
  • Would you hire someone from a startup background?
  • Existing employee has an idea?
  • What if that idea is outside Pegasystem’s business?
  • Advice to budding startup entrepreneurs?

Hope you like this episode, stay tuned for future CEO Tv episodes.

Face to Face with Pegasystems India MD Suman Reddy
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