CEO Tv Episode 22

CEO Tv Episode 22 – Cyrus Msitry – Ola – Fake NGO – JIO – Flipkart

Welcome to CEO Tv Episode 22. What so new about this episode apart from my beard are the 5 updates I have for you. Update 1 talks about Cyrus Mistry gets fired. Even a C Level executive can get fired shows Tata and Sons. This is wrong tells Cyrus’s letter to Tata, but the board says otherwise.

Update 2 talks about Ola to raise $600 Million to take over the American completion Uber. Ola launched Ola Lux, and partnered with numerous brands to provide new comfortable rides to the customers. Update 3 talks about how there is a rise in NGO Scams. Recently came across Motherconcern, an NGO that tried to fool me into donating for a fake cause. Best way to identify a legitimate NGO is by looking at their financials.

Update 4 talks about how Reliance JIO is disrupting the industry. Thanks to them Airtel and Vodafone improved their 4G speeds. Update 5 talk about Flipkart beating down Amazon this festive season. Flipkart did more business than Amazon, and they claim to be the market leaders thanks to the two festivals in October. Thank You and see you in the next episode. View more CEO Tv Episodes.


CEO Tv Episode 22 – Cyrus Msitry – Ola – Fake NGO – JIO – Flipkart
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