Trip Navigator: Using a Mobile App for Seamless Event Management

One of the biggest challenges in planning and executing an event is the need for constant coordination. No matter how large or small an event, event organizers are always on their toes, running from pillar to post, ensuring every aspect of the event is ready for execution, and that an event proceeds without any hassles.

Trip Navigator, an online portal which offers complete end-to-end corporate event planning solutions, recognizes the need to leverage technology to help make lives simpler for event organizers, not just in the planning stage, but also during the execution of the event. Having a mobile app to assist in each stage of organizing and executing an event makes life simpler for all stakeholders – it improves the organization process and even gives participants an enhanced experience throughout the event as well as after the completion of the event.

Easier event management for the organizers
Trip Navigator’s mobile app offers a one-stop solution for all relevant document management requirements – be it tickets, VISA, travel insurance, itinerary or details about hotels; all the information can be uploaded and shared via the app among all participants. Clients or event participants can use the mobile app to tag their current locations and keep the event organizers appraised of their arrival status on a real-time basis, eliminating the need for regular follow-ups to coordinate pick-up and reception activities. This important feature in the app helps simplify the process of hotel check-ins, making it shorter and less chaotic.

Once the event begins, organizers can send alerts and updates about the schedule to all participants at once, and even push reminders to ensure their attendance in a timely and stress-free manner. Trip Navigator’s mobile app also includes a special feature called ‘SOS assistance’, for the safety of registered participants. Using this feature, participants can send out alerts in case they are stuck somewhere and need help getting back to the event location. The SOS alert can notify event organizers of any emergency situations, which can then be resolved faster.

Driving higher engagement among event participants
Our mobile app makes it possible for us to provide all participants at our event a memorable experience. Right from the time clients download our mobile app, they become participants at an event we are about to manage and are included as part of a closed user group we create for each event. An inbuilt chat feature within the app helps drive engagement among participants and event organizers, letting delegates connect with each other, communicate and have their queries addressed by event organizers conveniently.

We also have a gallery feature in the app where participants can share and access photos and videos taken during the event on a real-time basis. While the event is in progress, all the participants can share their experience and photos, and this feature keeps them better engaged throughout the duration of the event.

Unlike other platforms which restricts the number of users in a group, participants here can use the Trip Navigator App to engage with each other more conveniently and stay updated about all the latest happenings.  The application stays alive post the event’s conclusion so that the delegates can still be in touch and engage with each other on this platform.

The importance of technology in event management
Based on our experience, we see that people no longer want regular, run-of-the mill solutions available in the market. Innovation, simplification and the ability to access quicker solutions is what drives their decision-making process. Most of the clients now need quick and more accurate solutions, and we have leveraged the advancement of technology to give them just that.

The combination of our online portal and mobile app allows us to support our customers in a real-time manner, not just during the planning stages, but also throughout the duration of the event, as well as after the completion of the event. Giving instant access to essential features using the app allows us to offer a hassle-free event organizing experience, while also letting organizers ensure that their event participants can interact with them as well as each other better.

About the Author

Abhishek Gupta is Co-Founder and Director at Trip Navigator – a company which offers end-to-end corporate event planning services via an online portal. He is a Post Graduate in Business Management and has worked for almost 10 years in various industries like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Banking, Media. Before starting Trip Navigator, Abhishek was heading the Retail Sales and Regional Corporate Business for West Zone in Fever 104 FM (Hindustan Times). Abhishek is a highly dynamic & approachable person with a keen eye for detail. His subject Knowledge ensures enriched value addition to the company & its clientele in terms of efficiency & effectiveness.

Trip Navigator: Using a Mobile App for Seamless Event Management
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