Most used business apps and software in India

In order to generate revenue in business with reduced usage of (any)resources by solving problems and giving entrepreneurs an easy feeling, good as well as great business apps are used that act as communicators and allow to focus on other things thereby increasing productivity. Research is showing that in Indian businesses mostly Communication apps are used.  

The 10 Top Business apps that Indians use are listed below Job search app

Best app that helps the job seekers in finding multiple jobs using filters to apply for all levels of companies by creating their profile. Can opt for job alerts so that the alerts come directly into the inbox or sometimes in the form of SMS if the contact phone numbers are verified. This helps business fulfill their hiring needs.  

Evernote (all devices)

Businesses keep everything (say web articles, checklists, ideas created and handwritten or typed notes, daily tasks, photos, audios, ) in an organized manner by creating notebooks and workspaces and can access anytime quickly, can share later and use them while planning events.

Facebook Pages Manager (Android and iOS)

Admin Managers use this app’s admin tools to connect and to do many activities on multiple pages. The action bar is a direct and easy way to write and post, can access the pages, and get the Page Activity insights by navigating quickly.   

Google Drive (allow cloud-based interaction)

Though we can access many other tools of Google, this tool helps in multiple ways such as uploading files and organizing (planning, noting the expenditure, drafting reports, sharing (including real-time collaboration) with others). 15GB free storage.

Skype for Business (Android and iOS)

Very clear video call and audio and/or video real-time meetings, interviews, and business discussions that are conducted easily and good enough with multiple people(say up to 50 people at a time freely), instant chats, group messaging and can share virtual meetings.  

Google Pay for Business(Tez) (Android and iOS)

Linked directly to a bank account and can pay instantly in different modes from anywhere to anybody who have the Google pay (Digital payment) account.  


Can share the link with contact to access simply after uploading and downloading files freely and can buy features such as unlimited storage options and it is called as one of the popular storage platforms, advanced tools.  

Whatsapp Business (Android and iOS)

A very quick and effective way to connect with customers of any business to communicate. This app is having additional features such as sending automated messages like the website, address location,etc. Can open an account even by using a landline phone number.  

Mailchimp (Android and iOS)

Marketing tools on this app help in business communication and marketing automation features allow you to create, analyze performance and advertising on social media makes your email marketing campaign a great success.  

Slack (Android and iOS)

Business Communication tool allows all levels of employees to chat and talk to each other. Upload and share files easily. Different departmental teams can create their channels and post relevant information irrespective of size. Previous conversations will be indexed and archived automatically. Everyday tasks will get resolved quickly as team collaboration is easier.

Most used business apps and software in India
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