GoWeb does a Revolutionised Digitization of Kiranas and Traditional Shopping online

Creating a responsible business in order to sustain the customer’s needs, online, is the new herculean task these days, where every startup is struggling to match the recognized needs. GoWeb intends to digitize the recognized and traditional pattern of shopping while connecting traders and customers at one validated platform. GoWeb has phenomenally removed the fuel that leads to conflicts for purchases via online further bringing the missing trust factor online.

GoWeb has sincerely given a panel for direct engagement to more than thousands of retail shop owners which in a way brings back the traditional way of business with a digital twist. The startup covers the gap of missing trust and disconnect of knowledge, which includes both digital engagement and internet marketing. It is present in a high ratio in various retail shop owners present all around the globe. The significant gap of trust and knowledge has instigated the lack of digital retail audience both consumer and seller. This parameter of assisting retail shop owners and inviting them to connect with millions of others present in the virtual cloud has earned GoWeb an encouraging future.

With an atomic integration of Technology, Cost and Knowledge principles, GoWeb has registered its name in the most promising startups of 2016. Following a simple algorithm of setting up a shop online for any retail store present in any part of the world, GoWeb disables the need of excessive spent on marketing online and further helps them claim a rightful spot amongst millions of other shoppers and consumers, online on a single podium.

An insight on what GoWeb accomplishes as a premium startup:

  1. Removal of technology barriers and a ticket to retail entrepreneurship: With a vision to create future leaders and entrepreneurs, GoWeb has created a free to use inventory management system for every retail shop owner. This will also trigger the involvement of youth in the retail sector further increasing the engagement ratio from every aspect.
  2. GoWeb creates a distinguished digital identity for every seller by compressing a specialized URL for them. Along with this, a simple order processing system for sellers adds to the feature list of GoWeb.
  3. Delivery services setup for future: To assist retail sellers, GoWeb has also planned to launch door-to-door delivery services. A significant solution to help retail seller gain more productivity.
  4. Freedom of posting decided discounts: Unlike other e-commerce portals, GoWeb gives freedom to sellers to propose their own discounts which can bribe more customers.
  5.  A GPS-based navigation for each selected shop: With a GPS integration, more connectivity can be determined hence leading to a seller’s wide online trading as well as customer network
  6. An inclusion of review based online retail stores will give a more transparent impression to other traders and customers.

With these features speaking out loud for GoWeb’s operational capability, the syndication of every retail shop seller in the virtual world with other traders and consumers will magnificently help retail entrepreneurship grow on a larger scale.


GoWeb does a Revolutionised Digitization of Kiranas and Traditional Shopping online
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