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Detailed Guide about VPN: Meaning, Working, Privacy

One of my Indian friends is crazy about watching American Netflix, but he was unable to do so. Are you having the same issue?

If YES…..then, you are on the right platform. 

In this sophisticated technological era, nothing is impossible. So, stay tuned to access your favourite shows, videos, and game without any geo-restrictions. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) will help you to access all the resources on the internet without any restrictions.

So, Let’s know what VPN is?

VPN is a service that hides your IP address and location to freely cross all regional boundaries. Moreover, you can also send and receive data privately. VPN supports all the major platforms such as mac, windows, Android, IOS, Linux, chromo, and fire Tv.

So, let’s check how VPN works?

Working of VPN:

VPN changes your IP address by routing your device internet connection to your chosen internet connection. It will basically encrypt your data and send it to the internet. After that, it will decrypt the received data so that you can explore data on your web server. Thus, it is a continuous process. Different 

VPN’s support different technologies like Point to point tunnelling protocol (PPTP), Layer to tunnelling protocol, Secure Shell (SSH), IPsec, etc. and you can choose your VPN according to your requirement. Furthermore, you can use different VPNs at a time that is which app should go for which VPN and you can even select a site or app which should work without a VPN. Isn’t it exciting?

There are two types of VPN available from free-to-use to pay-to-use; the only difference is the number of features that they are offering, and of course, the free VPN will display ads that are somehow irritating and on the other side paid VPN’s are ad-free. 

Wondering you have to spend pennies to avail of these kinds of services or it will work for you or not? Nothing to worry…..as some of the paid VPN’s also offer 7 to 30 days free trial so that you can check your suitability. 

But when I shared all of the above information with my friend, he simply asked me that-

What about privacy or How VPN’s secure our privacy? You also might be thinking about this…..

So, let’s check-

How VPN protect our privacy?

Most of the VPN app companies provide a strict no-log policy that means they do not collect or track your activities and they fully disclose if they track any information. Even, VPN service providers disclose the name of the authorities that checks how whether they adhere to their strict log policies or not.

Especially, the paid VPN adhere to strict no-log policies as compared to free-to-use VPN’s. 

It creates a secure and private channel from your device to the internet and hides your IP address while safeguarding all the data that you share, receives, and transmits through VPN by a process called encryption. It basically acts as a sort of intermediary between your data and your internet connection. As soon as you connect to VPN it will hide your data and IP address to protect your identity from ISPs or malware software. Moreover, if at some stage your data is somehow hindered, it will be illegible until or unless it reaches its final destinations.

It is also good to go for a paid VPN as your privacy is their prime motto. 

Hoping you get your answer.

Detailed Guide about VPN: Meaning, Working, Privacy
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