7 Best Services Provided by AWS in 2018

Have you ever thought what the services provided by AWS are? Hmm, yes lots of services from Amazon right – There are endless possibilities around the world in that you may be lost at the point of time, So to prevent on latest update we have written a blog on “7 Best Services Provided by AWS in 2018”.

This blog is not about the solution for all your cloud-related issues. It’s all about a series of essential services which can be the best fit for your project. If you have own application or database on AWS cloud, Take any-one of the services which can perfectly fit for your project.

Let us know what is Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services ancillary of Amazon, They provide cloud computing platform for an evolving organization in the form of building blocks, Where Building blocks are used for creating and developing any type of application in the cloud. Here are the advantages of AWS:

1. Simplified Implementation
2. Highly secured
3. Get Rid of Negotiations
4. Elastic and Scalable
5. Easy to use – Flexible

Amazon has different services were each service’s belong to different domains, Here are some domains which are used widely:

1. Compute
2. Database
3. Storage
4. Migration
5. Network and Content Delivery
6. Security & Identity Compliance
7. Management Tools

Now let us look into the seven best services provided by AWS in 2018. Let’s get started!

Top 7 Services Provided by AWS

# Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is categorized under Compute domine; They provide services to compute workloads. When Amazon EC2 web interface is used to cut-off the expensive physical servers by helping us to create virtual machines and also manage different features of servers, i.e., security, ports, and storage…etc. The main advantage with Amazon EC2 web interface we can create a server within minutes of time with your convenient operating system. Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud

Because of this we can spend more time on our projects and spend less time maintaining our servers. Mindmajix provides you the clear overview of Amazon EC2 which helps you to learn simple.

# Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service)

Amazon S3 is related to Storage domain which provides services for data storage on the internet. The primary use of AWS S3 is to store the data in the form of objects in the cloud. Many of us have this question – Where is my data goes in the cloud, Right – When we use amazon s3 one thing’s for sure the data is highly secured because they have highly achieved infrastructure. The information is distributed in different physical regions, and they have high-quality integration such as FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, and HITECH…etc. By this, our data will never be lost and the data stored can retrieve any amount of data at any time from anywhere through the internet.

The availability of Amazon S3 is very high, so whenever we can access our data just by one click is that simple right here the retrieving time is zero. Most of them think they are expensive to use this service – Hmm that’s not right they are really cheap. Where there are different layers in Amazon s3 were the first layer is free in this they provide 5 Gigabyte(GB) and then we have the fee to use the cost is ~$0.023 for this we get 50TB, Really cheap right.

# Amazon Relational Database Service(RDS)

Amazon RDS comes under database domine which are used for database related workloads. When you feel your infrastructure is complicated, then you need to shift for Amazon RDS services. It enables developers to create and manage the relational database in the cloud. First Amazon RDS has launched with the support of MYSQL in the year 2009, now it also supports Oracle, and Microsoft SQL, MariaDB..etc. The main advantage of Amazon RDS is they have built to reduce operational costs when they run database tools like MySQL. Finally, we can free from hours of maintenance and support from the database server.

# Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a Delivery domain which is used for faster delivery of content with the reduced latency. In simple words, Amazon CloudFront is used to connect with other AWS services and helps developers to send content to the end user in a simple way. Have you ever seen how fast you’re website opens? The user has to wait for a seconds to open a particular domain, So you have to work on your website to open your website faster for the user which means page loading time should be less. The Global Content Delivery Service which is commonly known as Content Delivery Network(CDN) is using AWS CloudFront for managing all of our content in an effective manner.

# Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda is the latest technique of computer services lets you run code without managing the servers, In this, the server will appear only when you need it. AWS Lambda functions are popularly known as a trigger; It helps when a Lambda triggered an event and ran the code which has been already inserted in the system.

Example: Here is the simple use case, whenever an image is uploaded into amazon s3, The lambda functions will automatically resize the images by the help of inserted code in the system.

By default, Amazon uses Lambda internally. It is a compute domain for AWS Internet of Things(IoT) services and also for the Amazon Echo. To get an in-depth knowledge of Amazon Lambda reach-out with mindmajix experts.

# Amazon Elasticache

Amazon Elasticache is a web service which is simple to manage, deploy, and to distribute a memory-cache in the cloud. It is complex free for deploying and for managing a distributed cache environment. AWS Elasticache provides two caching engines they are

1. Memcache
2. Redis.

The main advantage of Elasticache is it can automatically detect and recover from the cache failure.

# Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

Amazon VPC is a networking domain which is used for isolating your network infrastructure. Ever Amazon account has a unique virtual network, Which helps to protect our information that can be accessed by a particular owner. They are logically isolated from other virtual networks in AWS clouds. By this, we can conclude that by using Amazon VPC service your information is risk-free in AWS cloud.

Final Words

Amazon provides a number of services which will fit for your projects, I have listed out some of the best services from Amazon here are some more services by Amazon are Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Route 53, and AWS CloudWatch..etc. If you have any queries regarding the topic, let me know in the comments below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

7 Best Services Provided by AWS in 2018
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