Best Internet Speed Test Apps And websites

Sometimes we download a video it gets downloaded in seconds, and sometimes it takes hours……. Do you know why?

Because of the speed of the internet and the fantastic thing is you can check your internet speed.

Yes, you read right…. you can check. There are various tools available that can help you with that.

Before going further with the tools, let us tell you what internet speed test is?

An Internet speed test is a test that measures your device downloading, uploading speed, and latency. Downloading speed means which comes from the server to the user’s computer, whereas uploading speed goes from the user’s computer to the server. Latency means connection delay between the user’s computer and server. These tests can be performed on the web browser or within the apps.

Moreover, some internet providers assure you a minimum speed of the connection suppose it is 50Mbps, but your internet seems to be slow than 50Mbps so you can check your internet speed from the Internet speed test. If this happens sometimes, then there may be some fault, but if the pace is slow continuously, then you may be fooled. With the help of an Internet speed test, you can check your internet speed.

Let’s talk about tools to check Internet speed….

There are various tools and alternatives to check internet speed some of them are-

  1. is the most popular and oldest Internet speed test tool if you gravitate for the most popular internet speed test sites. owned by Ookla and founded in the year 2006. uses over 25,000 servers to provide accurate test results. gives you a free analysis of internet access performance, which includes data rate (downloading and uploading speed) and latency (connection delay). Speedtest is available as mobile applications and can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Android, IOS, macOS, CLI, Google Chrome, and Apple TV. 
  2. Xfinity – Xfinity is produced by Comcast LLC and was introduced in 2010. You don’t need to be a subscriber to use the Xfinity internet sped test. The design of the Xfinity site is very sleek. It is easy to use with no distractions, no pop-ups on the screen, and no unwanted information littering on the screen. Xfinity has both mobile and web versions. The extra features offered by Xfinity is being able to change the host location. You can also change the protocol if needed. But you cannot save tests in Xfinity.
  3. Speed Smart – Speed Smart is an easy-to-use app to test internet speed based on HTML5 speed tests. Speed Smart provides accurate speeds as they send more data through to create a more fine-tuned test. Speed Smart allows you to create a new account and check on your previous tests, even on other devices. The bonus feature by Speed Smart is they will provide you ping information, which is best for anyone who needs a low-latency network such as those of gamers and video callers. 
  4. Fast – is even more simple than Xfinity. Fast is owned by Netflix, which consumes 15% of the world’s bandwidth, and that’s why Netflix has made its own Internet speed test application. This simplest internet speed test application is available on both mobile as well as web. Fast don’t even have a start button it automatically begins analysis of your internet speed. Fast is free for everyone.
  5. – A simple and effective internet speed test site. is an independent and self-standing internet speed test site with trusted results that are based on HTML5. only works for internet speed tests without any distractions. User can check their downloading, uploading speed, and latency. Latency means a delay between the connection from the server to the user’s computer. This site also enables you to compare your internet speed with the average internet speed of your city or ISP. is a free site for internet speed tests.
  6. Speed check – Speed check is an internet speed test tool that is brought to you by Speed Spot. Speed check helps to measure your internet connection speed by measuring two units- data rate and latency. The data rate is the data speed of downloading speed (that comes from the server to the user’s pc) and the uploading speed (that goes from the user’s pc to the server). Latency is the delayed time in connecting the server to the user’s personal computer.
  7. Bandwidth place – Bandwidth place is an internet speed tool that provides a clear, orderly, and easy-to-use interface to provide the best bandwidth results to their user’s which they can rely on. Bandwidth Place is almost 15 years old website. It is based on HTML5 based speed results. Users can have several different servers. Users can use the bandwidth place site with the lowest ping available.
  8. – is the light-weight internet speed test website based on HTML5 speed tests. claims to be the most accurate online internet speed test website. is best in doing for what it was programmed. uses 38 servers worldwide to calculate the speed tests. There is also a history feature that lets you compare your present tests with your previous tests. This website is a free-to-use website.
Best Internet Speed Test Apps And websites
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