Android O, 3rd Preview Now Rolls Out

Google has led a series of preview for Android O, It’s not been even a month that Android O released its 2nd developer’s preview of Android O and it is back again rolling out the 3rd one. This version is available for download and the flamboyant highlight was the finalization of the API. Google rolled out its 1st preview back in March the second one was bestowed in may at The Google I/O 2017 conference and here we are with the 3rd one. Google is all set to release its final images in July and the final release by the end of this year. Preview 3 is the latest version with final API level 26 with plenty of bug-fixing accompanied with optimizing.

Well, with each new preview of Android O, Google gives a new chance to the Android app development companies to develop and run their apps with Android O. By the time of final launch, apps will be in plethora to support the same. The image downloads for preview 3 are released on the following:

Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Nexus Player
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Let’s dive in to see what’s new yet again:

1) Modified icons

The current icons are boring cylinder shaped which is now going to be altered with round or square shaped which looks quite classy. A new option has also been installed named Teardrop which looks quite similar to that of Google’s Allo and Duo icons.

2) Clock icon altered

The new color scheme has been installed with this new version. The icon is shifted from purple and turned it to blue. There’s also a nice shift from purple to a decent dark theme. Set your alarm right before going to bed and you will see a dark color scheme in the same. Interesting, isn’t it?

3) Android 8.0, the new name

Talks have been all around the town about this. Well, now there’s no confusion whether it is Android O, or 8.0 or 7.2, with the 3rd preview its now confirmed to be 8.0. The “About “ section of preview 3 revealed “the API is final on Android 8.0 and they will be out to see on play store when the version is finally and officially launched.
4) Resurrect notifications

Negligent redesigning in the notification was evidenced in the backdated preview. Well, the basic noteworthy change was a clean layout for media notifications. In the 5.0 Lollipop version, Google injected “palette API” In this feature, API will extract color automatically from a source image and serve it for UI colors. There were themes like Light, dark, vibrant, and muted. These features have extracted since forever, but never actually used.

The third preview gives ongoing media notifications pulling out vibrant and decent color scheme from each song album art. Once you actually use this feature, you will be falling in love with the same. A sadist album will get a dark color theme whereas, a happy, colorful album will get an eye-catching notification, If it’s a mellow album, it will get a mime color theme. A notification has auto detection of light and dark colors, readability issue is typically eradicated by the same.

Gone are the days when you run out of the battery and you literally wonder why? Apps running in the background which you are not in the know of, use your system and eat up your battery. The third preview has flabbergasted and with the advent of new rules silent battery eaters will no longer be existent. Notification alert will be automatically generated for the apps that are running in the background. This notification will not be a pop up on the top of your device, instead, it will be in the bottom section which is given the name by the Google as “by the way section”. There is just this single line notification, which is a boon to the users in battery saving.

Android O, 3rd Preview Now Rolls Out
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