Android Creator unveil’s new Smartphone

Andy Rubin – the person who introduced the world to Android device is back to market of making Smartphones. The father of Android devices had made a comeback with two gadgets of his own: the Essential Phone and the Essential Home.

Essential is part of Rubin’s new Playground Global incubator, which plans to raise $300 million. With the new products, Rubin is betting he can take on Apple and Samsung, which have dominated consumer hardware in recent years.

On Tuesday, Rubin and his new company Essential Products unveiled a $699 Android Smartphone called the Essential phone. The smartphone is equipped with latest hardware and technology.
• Essential Phone comes with an Edge-to-Edge 5.7 inch 2K display which to Similar to Samsung S8.
• The phone is built with Titanium frame and covered with Ceramic body and Gorilla Glass 5 at front.
• The essential phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and a 3,040mAh battery with USB Type-C fast charging support.
• It is equipped with 8 MP front facing camera and a dual camera system at the rear – two 13MP sensors with one sensor being RGB while the other is monochrome which can perform better in low light conditions.
• As like the iPhone 7, the device does not come with a traditional 3.5 mm HeadPhone Jack which is bummer.
• The smartphone also supports secondary modules via magnetic connector which can connect a 360-degree camera and offers a cordless docking station in the near future.

Essential Phone does not even have a branding on any part of the device. The phone comes in black, white, gray and a bluish green which is available on Essential’s website for pre-order starting Tuesday in the United States whereas the international release date will be announced later.

Essential Home:
Essential Home which is a home assistant device has a circular screen and can play music, set timers, and control lights with a user’s voice. The device is similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo, which is more digital assistant than speaker.

During the Code Conference, Rubin said “Everyone is creating an island by creating their own ecosystem. The Essential Home has to talk to all these ecosystems whether it’s SmartThings, Google Home, Thread or Weave. We had to build a new operating system so it could speak all those protocols and do it securely and privately.”

Android Creator unveil’s new Smartphone
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