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Almost 50% of small sized firms have experienced a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks are a matter of concern for everyone. Be it small sized firms or big MNCs. However, when it specifically comes to small businesses, they have to take special care of their online data. Small firms try new ways to attract more traffic and leads online. This means that they will be implementing more strategies to attract customers, and the risk involved would be double as well. Therefore, it is important to make sure that small firms also make sure that they are taking precautions to safeguard their online activities. It is anticipated that by 2021, cyber crime may cost the world around $6 trillion yearly.

Why are cybercriminals targeting small firms?

Cybercriminals know that small businesses are trying more things online. Therefore, it is easy to target them. At the same time, smaller firms may not be in the position to invest a lot in the cybersecurity measures. Also, they may not even have the right resources who would help them to safeguard their online activities. For cybercriminals, no website or business is smaller to be targeted. They are attacking any business that they can irrespective of their size. Simply, because the cybercriminals know that small firms are investing both time and effort in expanding their business online, but they are not focusing on data security.

How to prepare your firm from cyber-attacks?

According to the stats, it is quite clear that cybercriminals are going to target small businesses with various techniques. Therefore, companies have to be ready to tackle them. They need to first of all, start taking cybersecurity seriously. Then, they should invest in proper resources who are capable of saving the company from the attacks. Firms have to first of all identify the major risk areas, then plans need to be prepared to safeguard the company from any such attacks. After that, businesses need to invest in the right programs and technology that protects their data.

Also, companies need to train their employees, and efficient informational programs should also be organized to prepare the employees form any attacks. Also, to teach them how to stay away from any such phishing attacks. Most of the small firms are mostly targeted by a phishing attack. The employees should know the steps to follow in order to protect themselves and the company from the attacks, like not opening their spam emails etc.

Also, now, with the rise of IoT, and the increasing number of devices, the risk of cyber-attacks have increased immensely. Therefore, companies have to follow certain standards when it comes to using the devices. Also, businesses need to allow only a certain set of devices in the organization. There are some specific measures which are taken to specifically for IoT ecosystem.

2 of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats

  • Malware
    Malware is a term which is used for the software which is specially developed for malicious activities. Malware is quite dangerous and it can contaminate both the devices as well as the websites. Website malware attacks are very hazardous for any firm, they have the potential to completely damage a website. Starting from stealing delicate customer information, to spreading more malware, all these attacks are quite harmful. It certainly is quite devastating for any business. Though, malware attacks can be saved. Companies have to integrate proper methods and ways to detect such attacks and to save them. In 2017, average malware-linked costs for small and medium-sized companies included $1,027,053 because to harm of IT assets.
  • Phishing – Phishing is also one of the other most treacherous attacks. It is basically a sort of scam where offenders try to get the access to a network either through email. Or, via any other online social mediums. It is done to steal all the sensitive data and to get the network access. The most common example of Phishing is when a cyber-criminal sends a malicious link in an email. When a person clicks on the link, the data gets hacked. To avoid phishing, companies have to train their employees. If proper measures are taken, then phishing can be avoided.


Small businesses are very careful with their spending. As they are in a growing phase, therefore, they try to save the maximum. However, saving money when it comes to implanting cybersecurity measures might not be a good idea. The cost incurred after an attack is heavy. Therefore, web development companies have to be careful, and they have to make sure that they invest well in cybersecurity measures. Only with proper planning and implantation of cybersecurity measures companies can be saved from cyber-attacks.

Almost 50% of small sized firms have experienced a cyber-attack?
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