Ad Block Plus will sell ads to survive

Adblock plus

Ad Block Plus will sell ads to survive

This sounds to be a beginning of the end for Ad-block plus which has decided to allow ads to be displayed on webpages. This comes with the new policy that adblock-plus introduced as “ACCEPTABLE ADS“.

With this program ADP aims to create a marketplace where publishers and advertiser can register and ADP will decide which ads can be displayed according to their policy. With this move Ad Block plus will become a ad publishing platform more than a Ad blocking platform. This is no different from google ad-words which decides which ads are permissible.

When ever user opens a web page with ADP as added plugin it will check the the publisher information and allow the approved ads. ADP is the most installed plugin on chrome and Firefox.

Ad-Block Plus is the most hated company by media outlets around the globe as it destroys the monetization efforts of bloggers. ADP which is its short form, blocks more than  billion ads globally on day to day basis. Many efforts by Advertising giants like google to stop this went in vain and they were also loosing billions of dollars in ad revenues.

Donations was the only source of Ad block plus funding source before this and this move clearly show the tough situation of company is going through financially. With this new platform company will make 6% of commission on ads displayed.

We think Going forward company name should be named as “ADPLUS” instead.

If you have ADP installed, Please remove it as it doesn’t make sense anymore.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. FonFon

    September 19, 2016 at 9:35 am

    ABP is not selling ADS get your facts straight

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