11 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Mobile App

The evolution of mobile device has led to the introduction of several mobile applications which have eased our daily life. Every day new mobile apps are being launched competing with each other which has raised the number of mobile apps present in millions. But for creating a successful mobile application, it is mandatory to avoid several mistakes, even some minute mistake in the mobile app can be catastrophic and can damage the app reputation and credibility.

There are mobile apps which are lot similar in terms of their application but there is difference between them in terms of their functionality and features, For example – For video calling google duo is preferred over other video calling apps such as IMO and other apps this is due to avoidance of some mistakes which differentiate the successful mobile app from the unsuccessful ones.

There are a number of mistakes which are often committed by the developers and that must be avoided to make a mobile application a successful one.

  • The expectation of the user

It is a tough task to generate interest of the mobile application among the new visitors, therefore it is mandatory that the first interaction between the user and the application should leave a positive impression upon the user and this is the basic requirement for the success of a mobile application.

Therefore, it is necessary that the homepage of the mobile application must lure the user towards it, as poor screening of the homepage will make the user lost his interest in the mobile application.

Also, it should be taken care that the user is not forced to fill some long registration form without letting him know how the application will be useful for them. Instead of these long forms sign in/ sign up procedure can be used.

  • Working of app in different devices

As there are several kinds of mobile devices, it is obvious that the mobile application will work with the same efficiency in all of them. However, there are several specific programming strategies by which the application appearance can be improved-

Instead of the Normal PX pixels, Density Independent pixels can be used.

For the replication of physical Android devices, Android emulator can be used.

  • Avoiding unnecessary features

Adding a number of features in your mobile application can definitely lure a lot of users to the app. However, it is equally necessary to keep in your mind while developing an app that if there are too many unwanted features such as annoying adds present in the application. These unwanted features will not add any value to the application. Instead, it will have negative impact on users as it will make the application look clumsy. Even it may confuse the user along with taking more space in the device which will ultimately affect the loading speed of the mobile application.

  • Not Avoiding the testing

An application becomes successful due to its efficient working and the better experience it provides therefore it is necessary to test the app as much as possible in different devices so that the performance of the mobile application can be analyzed. And if it seems to have any fault in any device,  it must be corrected immediately.

  • Not Avoiding pre-launch marketing

Pre-launch marketing is very necessary for the establishment of the mobile application in the market. The mobile application must have some buzz among the users of what it holds and how it is going to provide a much better experience so that the users get curious about that application.

  • Not exempting the flow map

It is very necessary to consider the flow map while developing any mobile application; even a simple application. Following the flow map is quite beneficial as it ensures the direction for all the designing steps. Without its consideration, the design which you will provide will only confuse the user.

  • Avoid intro animation

Display of the introductory animation every single time may irritate the mobile application user although it may look good when the app is launched by the user for the very first time. If the intro animation is being used every time it should be rather quick. And too must be worth of those few seconds that will be spent on it by displaying some new features or information about the app else it will create a negative impact about the mobile application.

  • Avoid leaving users waiting

If the mobile application takes longer loading time it may create a bad impression regarding the app upon the user. The long loading time may also be considered as the malfunctioning of the mobile application and the user will immediately lose interest from the mobile application and will not use it again. Therefore, to avoid this some indicators or some animations can be used to represent the loading stage.

  • Avoid low resolutions

It must be kept in mind that the mobile applications are created in high-quality resolution and pixel-dense screens. After developing the high resolution, it can be lowered to down to the required one. Also ,the use of vector graphics can be taken in use rather than using the bitmaps or rasterized graphics.                           

  • Not considering analytics

Analytics play an important role for the success of a mobile application as it gives information about users and their in-app behavior. Thus, with the help of these insight reports various faults of the application can be eliminated which will make the experience of the user better. Analytics are used not for mobile applications but also for several websites and social media platforms as they provide valuable insights about the user.

  • Avoid underestimating development budget

Development of the mobile applications certainly takes a prominent capital expenditure, every design goes under the development stage where the time that will be spent on developing the mobile application will cost accordingly, the more the time consumed in development the more will be the money spent on it. Therefore, it is necessary the mobile application development must be cost-effective, any minor change in the application may take lot of hours of work on it and hence will be charged accordingly. So, to avoid such situations it is mandatory to involve the app developers into the decision-making process.

Over to you

Thus, by avoiding all these mistakes the development of successful applications can be done also it will differentiate the mobile application with the other mobile applications present with one or the other problems.

11 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Mobile App
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