Yeppar introducing Augmented Newspaper


Dainik Bhaskar in association with Yeppar is introducing Augmented Newspaper – The Future of India

Augmented reality has popped up in almost all facets of life be it Gaming, Health, Communication, Real estate etc. If you are from a sci-fi pop culture, you are ought to be exposed with this monomaniac technology. However, for the first time in the history of India’s print media, an augmented based newspaper would be released by Danik Bhaskar in association with Ramscreative technologies pvt. Ltd. The company founded by Rahul Mangal and Ankush Sharma, the CEO, both have tirelessly worked and has come up with most prolific and modish app, Yeppar.

Yeppar is uniquely designed to serve the readers of print media to scan and leap through the news with a more life-like experience. When print ads, images or content are scanned through the Yeppar app, it brings the life to the content. Having said that, Yeppar presents a digital enhancement by making the picture look more realistic, it would not be wrong to say with advancement in gesture-based interfaces.  Over and above, Yeppar even come out with certain additional traits like videos, text-t-speech, 3D videos, inside story, contact info and much more when scanned over the print ads and contents. This app enhances the know-how about any event or incidence that’s printed in the news paper with this app enabled logo.

Needless to say, this Independence Day, Dainik Bhaskar newspaper edition in Jaipur would create an epoch in the history of print media. This app, an out of the blue moon app pledges to change the scope and dimensions of the newspaper in the coming years.

“A picture paints a thousand words, is a gray fact, but, A picture in motion paints more than the unsaid words.” said by CTO, Mr. Deepak Sharma.

Note- This article is written by Team Yeppar

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