WWW.JUST.JOBS | Unanimous Job Portal For Empowering The Livelihood Of Blue Collar Workers Structured To Elevated Growth Prospects

Just Jobs | One Stop Destination Diversified For Versatile Informal Job Requisites

In the generation of the modern era, the vital advancements of enormous technological innovations have precisely paved the way for multiple impossibilities over the recent past corresponding to lack of decisive actions to support the humanitarian efforts back and forth succeeding the possible resultant outcome.

Unlike signifying the existing prevalence of various job boards that pervasively perform synonymous functionalities upon one another, Just Jobs persistently stay ahead a way apart from the other online job portals as because it solemnly takes an upper hand in being the unique provider of blue collar jobs so as to uplift the lives of the people belonging to the BoP in sophisticating them via feasible access to jobs that possibly collate with their core skills and competency levels, being catered to the predefined requisites of the job seeker as well as the employer who intends to find a prospective applicant in prior accordance to his/her dynamic requirements thereof.    

Inception of Just Jobs in India

With the advent of lateral thinking in rendering assistive guidance to the small and medium sized companies across the nation, we are established in the year 2016 for the primitive cause of relishing the lifestyle habituates of numerous blue and grey collar workers in India who find tremendous hardships in identifying the right employer for their skill set abilities and even on pitching at the right place, these sort of contract labours and daily wagers are being terribly exploited either by their superiors or the employer in terms of additional work hours apart from their daily schedule or else by employing people for least cost value rather.  

Just Jobs Team

Henceforth, Kishore Beniwal and SR Madhukar had other ideas in changing the fortunes of the low-grade workers in India by commencing digitally aided job portal that operates currently in India with the latest trending technologies for enriched user experience and an ease of access at comfortable convenience standards.

In addition to it, the CEO of the firm finds his feet experiencing the intolerant criticalities of a blue-collar job for almost four odd years in multiple sectors of work wherein it instigated him to start off his personalized job portal in India that widely accept digitized mode of data encryptions so as to populate relevant results that match best with the data feeds provided from the user.

Why We Are the Best Amongst The Rest

Nowadays, existence of job boards are creeping much higher on a larger basis and all of them stand one and the same when it comes to logical ethicality behind the functional knowledge of their purposive intent to prolong their esteemed services for most of the talent acquisition personnel in every single firm who prompts to ladder up the everlasting bridging gap between the job seeker and the professionals indulged in outsourcing prominent candidates for the prorating necessities of their third-party vendors relying upon the open job position vacancies that changes invariably depending upon the job profile necessities.

Just Jobs is one amongst the top-notch online job portal in India with some of the fewer listings on the trot which enacts as an interim platform medium to explore the upcoming availabilities of multiple blue collared job openings wide across our nation while most of the other job sites primarily focus on the diversified range of high cadre designatory profiles. website and app

Most of the renowned job service providers were surprisingly shocked on the monstrous growth of Just Jobs within a very short span of a year and the hidden success held behind the tremendous developments in the arena of millions of job boards is certainly not only because of their hard work and dedication in their approach but also accounts to their innovative ideology so as to target the esteemed job requisites of the unprivileged down trade blue-collar workers in India.

Our Success Storyboard

It is needless to mention that Just Jobs has surpassed the mighty expectations of every single entry-level job seeker and has shattered the records of its competing business firms that operate on the similar platform.

In accordance with the authenticated feedback from its clients either as a job seeker or might be an employer as well, the working environment of Just Jobs shall be categorized as aesthetic, pleasing and simply superb in regards to its service quality metrics and the responsiveness they adapt as in a sort of business ethics and professional discipline rather.

Relying upon the huge success and unimaginable response from its clients, Just Jobs has decisively launched a customizable user-friendly mobile application software in order to promote its business upfront and make the users convenient in finding jobs with a click.

Forthcoming Plans For The Year

Moreover, the management has decided to go big and enlarge his business via introducing job search feasibilities in all the regional languages so that few of the prospective applicants who are in desperate need of a job realizes the challenging difficulties of language barriers wherein they might be comfortable in accessing the job portal in their mother tongue as how Google predominantly functions across the globe.

WWW.JUST.JOBS | Unanimous Job Portal For Empowering The Livelihood Of Blue Collar Workers Structured To Elevated Growth Prospects
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