WorkPlax letting both the Eagle and the Crow perch together!


WorkPlax benefits business owners and startups by sharing space in convenience

The city of Mumbai is the hub for all the business activities in India. With over millions staying in there the city is too crowded and is less on space. Though densely populated the city is on the rise for business that never ends there. Millions and millions throng into it with a dream of making it big into the market. Unfortunately this has led to the shortage in the space. With limited space available the rentals to own up a place has sky rocketed, making it an impossible task for those setting up new businesses. To break this impasse workplax came up with a unique idea. On similar lines with the saying ‘let the eagle perch and the let the crow perch’, workplax is creating a platform for small and amateur businesses’ to get the space required at affordable prices in the Mumbai city.

How does workplax do the business?

Well the big question is how is this all possible? Workplax has identified that in a big city like Mumbai where there is lot of constraint for space managing the space would generate a revenue, while making up a fortune to both the space lenders and the space hire parties.  Young startups would certainly need space to run their business and since their business is in budding phase, they cannot afford huge amounts to pay as rents to the space. On the other hand restaurants and hotels have space with them but they do not run all throughout the day, they run for fixed hours during the day depending on the type of customers’ needs they cater for. Even though hotels do not run throughout the day, yet they have to pay for the space for the whole time it is under their belt.

If the restaurant has pumping business it’s okay. But if it’s in a transition phase or a just venturing into the food business it’s an extra burden. Hotels have to deal with the rentals issue as an extra segment of challenges to stay in the fight. Bridging the gap between two different entities but tied down by a common platform of space workplax helps them to share each other’s burden, while benefitting both the parties. Restaurants lend their space to the startups who can use up the space during night times when the hotel business is off and pay them for using the space. This way it eases the burden of rent on the hotels where they could achieve their breakeven in a very limited span of time. On the other hand Hotels or restaurants provide the startups to use their space along with free Wi-fi, unlimited coffee and a kitchen to provide snacks to its employees at the behest of the startup, moreover on top of these they provide serene and air-conditioned space that which is very much required and essential. Small conferences, client meetings, and even running a startup is absolutely possible working on these lines.

How it started?

Akhil Garg – Founder

Akhil Garg an alumnus of IIT Bombay started it, after graduating he started working as a consultant for a consultancy. Soon after that worked for a startup called which was all related to groceries. Then he came up with an idea to leverage the real-estate space confine to the resorts and hotels space as WORKPLAX. It’s in its starting stage and hope to build up big in the coming days to come.

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