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Ways to market your Lean startup in an organic way

Gone are the days when financial muscles were inevitable to market your product, the days when you had to struggle in front of the large established brands because your marketing budget would not give you enough visibility among your prospective customers. Financial strength is no longer a hurdle if you are a brand with low marketing budget but great ambitions! All you require is an imaginative mind and an appetite for experimentation and believe me you won’t need to spend a single penny to market your brand.

A lot of you might not agree with my viewpoint and rightly so. On one hand, when the dominant marketing philosophy suggests that the more money you have, the more you can spend on customer retention with cashless payment wallets and e-commerce as live examples; it might make little sense when I say that a big budget is not necessary for successfully marketing your product. Well, I agree that deep pockets prove to be a bit of an advantage for successful marketing but in no way it is a necessary condition for you to take off. Today, we have numerous examples of successful brands which started with a lean marketing model and adopted the big budget marketing approach only in the later stages.

Mentioned below are a few ways of lean marketing which if applied in the right context and spirit, can generate the highest ever campaign ROIs for you.

  • Give cashbacks to your users without hurting your cash flows. Well, a one of its kind audio mobile marketing solution Chikoop lets you reward your users with free talk-time and allows you to place audio promotions during these free calls at the same time. So you can reward your user and also market yourself for absolutely no cost. The solution can help you acquire, engage and retain customers at zero cost and gives you the widest reach to audience as it works on both smartphones as well as feature phones.
  • Answering questions from related field on popular forums and communities can help you increase your visibility as well as credibility among your target audience. You can answer queries on Quora, Facebook or Google+ and market yourself organically for free.
  • LinkedIn can prove to be another effective channel for you. Start connecting with related groups and respond to posts and queries of the people who are associated with the field. This can be a productive exercise for B2B companies, specifically in helping build business network organically and building visibility for your offering at the same time. The more followers you can get on your company page, more will be the reach of your communications.
  • For tech products, a proven tactic can be to find bloggers to review your offering and if they are among those with the most followers in the industry, you have nailed it. No need to hire celebrities for endorsement anymore.
  • Client testimony is an old wine now being sold in new bottle. Now-a-days a lot of brands are exploring the potential of sharing celebrities’ posts of being happy customers of their brand. Follow the social media posts of Flyrobe- an IIT Bombay alumni startup to understand further.
  • Nominating students from various colleges as your brand ambassadors is another useful way especially in your early days. If you have a brand which connects with youngsters, this can work wonders for you. PayTM Campus Ambassador Program is a live example of marketing for free.
  • Last but not the least, your social media feed on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube can get millions of visitors for your page within minutes. If you can come up with relevant content and present it in a way no one has ever, your audience will do the rest of the job for you by hitting Like and Share.



The author is Neeraj Sharda, Founder and Chief Architect of Chikoop

Neeraj ShardaNeeraj Sharda is the founder and chief architect of Chikoop- the first ever audio mobile marketing solution for offline phones. Like thousands of brightest minds of the country, Neeraj completed his graduation from IIT Bombay and joined Tata Strategic Management Group, where he worked on multiple consulting projects across various sectors for 3 years. Post that he joined IIM Calcutta for its post graduate management program, where he learnt the intricacies of business problems and built strong networks. It is here, that he decided to fulfill his dream of being an entrepreneur and there was no looking back thereafter. His never ending endeavor to put his learning of providing strategic solutions through the years to his own business problems made him opt for the path breaking career.

He started working on his idea, in the field of offline marketing along with his colleague from the same institute. This was quite challenging, especially when the market was betting tons of money on online marketing, but Neeraj has a strong belief in the words of Warren Buffet, “You want to be greedy when others are fearful”. He believes that the power of technology and data will reshape the traditional marketing and will soon challenge the perception that the best marketing ROIs can be generated online and his belief has started paying off with overwhelming response of brands to his one of its kind marketing solution Chikoop.

Special Mention for the Article: Prakhar Prashant, /Student- IIT Kharagpur

About Chikoop

chikoopChikoop, which is supported by Brand Capital (the VC arm of India’s largest media house The Times of India) provides users with absolutely free calling without internet. Through its unique technology architecture, it provides the quality of telecom calls that too without any top-ups. No other advertising channel would pay you like Chikoop for listening to your favorite brand promotions. It also allows users to know more about the relevant products and deals & avail them through the platform. So users who cannot afford internet on mobile need not worry, as they can now avail an offline & superior Whatsapp calling made free for them by the brands looking to market their offerings during these calls.

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