9 Websites that startups should register for PR

The most important thing for a start is presence and PR Which in turn drives traffic to their business. There are various portals for startups to showcase their products and services. These are top 9 website that can improves your presence and networking.


AngelList is a social network for startups. AngelList allows smaller investors to invest $1,000 or more in a startup on the same terms as other large investors. As an entrepreneur, this website will help you raise money , find co founders, Hire employees and network with startups and investors.


Crunch base is a startup database maintained by Techcrunch. It has information of startups across the world with their teams, Investors, Investment news etc. Unlike Angel list this is not a social network.


Betalist is a beta testing network where you can list your startup to get interesting reviews and recommendations. Beta testing is very crucial for startups to engage early audience.


Meetup is a startup event networking platform where startups can organise events, Network with fellow startups and explore business synergies. You can also find your intrest groups like technology, social help etc.


A website where you can find your co founder or you can become a co founder. List with startup enthusiasts across the world. It will be quite useful to for people who wish to find their co founders with a mandatory skill set.


A place to get offers for startups from fellow startups. From here you can apply for accelerators and incubators. Will be quite helpful for tech startups to leverage lesser costs on hosting, Hiring, development or SAAS etc


Istart gives you information on startup competition across the globe. This website is tied up with all the big university to offer student entrepreneurship programs.


Traxcn is a startup intelligence website used by angels and venture capitalist. Registering here helps you to get expression of interest from investors across India.


Letsventure is a crowdfunding platform for Indian entrepreneurs. Listing your startup can help you raise money from groups of investors across India.

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