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VOIZD is an AUDIO based Anonymous online social space where people around the world share real thoughts and experiences and trade advice. The best part is that, you get to share all the above anonymously AND in VOICE without the entire persistent real name trapping of other networks. The app protects your identity, so you can go all out sharing what you actually feel without having to fine-tune it (i.e you can be 100% real), so basically it gives you the power to share your thoughts without the fear of being judged, labelled and trolled.  It is an anonymous sharing app where you can divulge your deepest secrets to an audience of unknown people, and respond to their secret confessions or questions.


Indian start-up ecosystem is skewed towards ecommerce/ transactions based business models and VOIZD is trying to build a social networking product with social impact out of India which is unheard of, plus it is easy to raise funds for copy past business models from western world but not when you are trying to do something totally out of the box. Even startup accelerators applications dont have a column for mobile social, they have for everything from payments to commerce to food delivery but not for social startups

On the product side while Audio is super engaging, UGC around Audio is hardly attempted in India which has both tech and acceptability challenges as with any new concept

Idea behind the project

Voizd came about after the Founder, Sameer Agarwal was trolled and hounded, and after having received death-threats and rape-threats publicly for his views (hardly provocative) on contemporary socio-political issues. He realized that the need for a safer space for marginalized and/or a minority voice that may not concur with the mainstream was crying to be created.

While working on the concept of such a space, the team noticed that the social space was clearly dominated by not just powerful groups but also by the hierarchy of languages, in particularly English. This often leaves a huge mass of people, with powerful ideas on the sidelines. Besides, text lacks the emotive power of expression that voice carries, appealing to our very basic senses.

So they decided to build their platform as an anonymous audio space.

The core team behind the project

Sameer Agarwal ( Age 35)

He has done MBA in Internal Business and Marketing and has 10 years experience in Entrepreneurship.He was declared as the most awarded winner in Mobile Marketing in his earlier venture (2013-14). He acquired 20-million users for RockeTalk as its CMO, with a hyper-lean budget. He also achieved $ 2million revenue as Ad Sales Revenue Head within 16 months.

Pooja Daswani (Age 36)

She is a specialist in Campaign and Audience Management. She managed Community & Campaigns of approx 20 million users. She has 6 years experience in Mobile Social Media.

Revenue, traction and growth

VOIZD beta app was only exposed in mid Sep, to a 100 people but since has organically grown to 2000 users, doing over five thousand posts and over one lac public conversations, from topics ranging from Relationships, Gender issues, Fashion, Abuse. 70 % of its current users are women.

USP and funding

Expressing one’s true thoughts on identity driven social networks means being trolled by people who do not share the same opinion as yours. It is at the cost of being judged by your very own family, friends or co- workers.  On Voizd you can freely express every opinion & thought in your own voice in 30-second anonymous audio clips. Since there is no sign up hence people connect with your thoughts/opinions rather than your identity, leading to thoughts becoming more important than the user.

Voizd is currently bootstrapped by the Founders.

Modus Operandi

On Voizd, there is no sign up. All that you require to start sharing is download and launch the app. The system auto generates an anonymous username that can be edited as per the users choice.  Users have persistent handles but do not have public identity in the app. Therefore, it is impossible to contact users except through the messages they post. Users can either listen & respond to other people’s thoughts or post their own thoughts in 30 sec audio clips. Even for Voice posting, App provides a single swipe voice changer to morph one’s voice for the added comfort of Anonymity.

Future plans of VOIZD

Voizd aims to become the de facto safe social space for people to discuss topics most close to their hearts and the team is looking forward to onboard around 5 million users in next 24 months. Read about Indian Startups.

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