VioletStreet Launches, Emerges as Largest Boutique Marketplace in India

Company offers handpicked, high quality apparel, clothing, and accessories

VioletStreet is a fairly new startup but has quickly risen to dominate the market for Indian designer boutiques by offering a large, quality marketplace of handpicked apparel, clothing, and accessories.

Already, VioletStreet offers premium quality selections from more than 100 Indian boutiques, making it the largest such marketplace for India-based boutique items. Working with boutiques from 15 cities across India, more than 70% of the boutiques signed on with VioletStreet are exclusive. Some of the well-known boutiques working with VioletStreet include Vidhi Vadhwani, Niharika Pandley, Soup by Saugat Pol, and ANK.

According to the VioletStreet “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

VioletStreet announced global shipping in November 2015, making its exclusive selection of high quality Indian boutique items available to shoppers around the world. Shoppers can always expect to find the highest level of quality in the selection at VioletStreet because the company is dedicated to authenticity.

The company launched within a virtually untapped market in India. Currently, most boutiques are exclusively offline. Bringing high quality boutique items to the online space makes these items easily accessible not only to people around India, but to people around the globe. The $1.2 billion market is growing at 40% CAGR, according to VioletStreet. The company is seeing the fruits of their labors, proving that the online boutique market is sought by consumers. According to VioletStreet, their average order value is 5000 INR.

At VioletStreet’s website, shoppers can find a wide range of original, handpicked boutique items, many of which have been adorned by celebrities. Consumers can shop and browse by category, designer, or boutique, offering an immersive, fun shopping experience. Items available include everything from stoles and dupattas to umbrellas to maxi dresses and ethnic gowns.

Now, VioletStreet is pleased to offer authentic Indian apparel and more to women in India and around the world. Shopping is made simple with an easy to use website and secure ordering platform, and VioletStreet even offers same day delivery in some cases.

The company is excited to grow its partnerships with boutiques all over India, and is proud to offer such remarkable products to its valued shoppers.

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About VioletStreet

VioletStreet offers a collection of handpicked, authentic, high quality apparel, clothing, and accessories from 100+ boutiques.

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1 Comment

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