Vervbeat travel news : 45 Days on road to study talent


Vervbeat is coming to your city to study your talent, stay tuned!

Passion! Zeal! Ingenuity! Enthusiasm! That’s what an artist has been made of. A person, who designs, creates practices and demonstrates his work is called an artist. An artist could be a dancer, singer, musician, painter, gymnast, actor, photographer, writer, sculptor, etc. It is incredible to find one distinct rostrum for all the uniqueness of the society! Vervbeat is one such social network which has been formed by a group of individuals to empower the vision of art and the hard way of the artists across the country.

Vervbeat going to 14 cities

The journey of arts by team Vervbeat has organized to traverse across India covering 14+ cities starting on 16th June 2016, accounting to over 9000kms in 45 days by road to study the life story of different experts about their arts alongside the country. The route map laid by them includes cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Ranchi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Vizag and Hyderabad.

The keynote signed by the team Vervebeat towards their journey is to motivate the assorted artists to outlay the expression of the artists. Their only motto is to bring all the fanatics together onto a single platform, connect each other with a lot of opportunities to introduce and present their abilities to the world. An artist on this platform is allowed to:

  • To create their portfolio
  • Network with other artists
  • Share and explore insights for knowledge
  • Find opportunities which suit their profile to the best.
Sandeep & Dinesh
Founders of Vervbeat

Vervbeat is evolved to encourage and bolster various forms of art like the dance, acting, film-making, photography, fine arts, animation and entertainment. “Art begins with an idea and becomes something else; it’s never finished, it can only be abandoned.” The expression of art concealed within the life is brought to limelight through this firm. Diverse Art schools/universities, Music bands, Dance Crews, Production Houses, Casting Agencies, Film Awards, TV Shows, Studios, Film Festivals and Concerts can have their own customized page to showcase their artistry on the social media. It is the right dais for expressions to articulate and portray imaginations to visualization.

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