Herd of digital makeover to educational institutions?

unipro education

Unipro Education giving a digital makeover to educational institutions

We have all gone through it. Be it students or their parents, when it comes to education, the decision of “which institute” is not an easy one to make. Looking for all the criteria in an institute, to tick off in their own lists of what, in their opinion, makes a good college, parents and students go through tens of college prospectuses. Fretting over college reputation, quality of education and distance from home are all in the minds of parents while the students secretly worry about college canteen, movie theaters nearby, cultural and sports clubs of the college. Whatever it is that they want to look at; they can’t collect information by traveling to each and every one of those places. Information is collected from the place that has got answers to all our questions – the internet. The numbers show that 91% youngsters search for educational institutions online to make the right career decision. It’s not just colleges. Today’s parents, being well educated, are very particular in finding the perfect primary and secondary schools for their kids. This requires good digitized content of the institute to be put online. Tapping into this unforeseen possibility, came the idea of Unipro Education.

Advertising through digitization

While traditional advertising methods do put the information out there, it isn’t enough for those who are digging deep about the institute. Digital media provides the best road to reach the young minds of the country. Unipro provides its clients the entire package from impressions to enrollments. It takes up various digital advertising solutions like social media marketing, display advertising, mobile advertising, and creative solutions. They create college websites and also the online application and payment gateways. They handle the advertising on the internet platforms such as google, Youtube and Facebook. Currently working on a mobile app to bring together current students and alumni under one roof, it has reached great distances in a short span of 4 years.

The founding team

The founder of Unipro Education is Vivek Sharma who has 16 years of experience in media with co-founders Ankit Khare and Kunal Prajapati who each have over 10 years experience in the field of media and education. Having a common understanding of the education sector brought them all together and also gave them an edge which is leading Unipro to reach new horizons.

Ankit Khare, Director & Co-Founder

The organization which started out as a 3 member team today has a workforce of 34 members and over a 100 national and international educational institutions as clients.

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