UNFURL: Real Time Student Network Platform


One evening, with cups of coffee in their hands, three educational enthusiasts from different ideologies had animated discussions on issues plaguing the education system.The discussion took long hours and finally, they set out to do something which could bring a small revolution in the world of education. It was not really easy to break the orthodox system and allure people to take up the progress. But, nothing is impossible once you’re hell bent on making something happen, so they were.

The three friends became co-founders of the startup known as Unfurl Technologies and embarked on a journey to bring a positive change in the education system by leveraging technology. Unfurl Minds offers a unique collaboration and networking platform for students to connect with the alumni and industry. The platform can help in developing the professional aptitude, skills, capabilities and traits to improve overall personality.

Being family people, they have faced the problems of the communication gap in their respective lives. When in talks with a co-founder, he expressed that, “I used to work for a company where goal was to offer software to colleges. I had seen students complaining about a lack of assistance to learn these tools and working on group activities after college hours were over. That acted as a trigger and Unfurl Minds was born virtually.” And we all know, necessity is the mother of innovation.

Education system faces problems that need to surcease right away. One of the all-time lack in the education system is the communication gap between the constituents. While growing up, children or teens have so many inquisitions in their minds. The inquisition gets replaced by the anxiety when they did not get answers. The lack of information leads to drastic results, say, 4500 students dropping out of IITs and NITs due to this gross problem and hence, the nation is losing such beautiful minds. Teenage is the period of time when the mind is subjected to learn new things, but, if not guided well, teenage might turn out to dangerous to him/her or everyone.

Coming to the college buds, there are a lot of times when they might need assistance on some assignments or information about an internship, but, who would help them? Recently a survey by a top consulting firm highlighted that about 82% jobs are filled through referrals. With Unfurl Minds, it has become easy to seek advice and referrals from the network consisting of seniors, alumni and industry connects. They can exchange notes, showcase projects work files and demonstrate their non-technical skills in the real-time.

Does it sound like some clinched networking site for professional communication? Pardon me, it is not. It’s more of a semi-formal networking site, neither too formal like professional networking sites nor to wispy like social media sites. The growing up with networking sites is generally not advised. Parents can now entrust their children to use Unfurl Minds more often. Yes, why? Because it gives the students a chance to explore their creativity and innovation and portray it to the vast world through Unfurl Minds.

Unfurl Minds is a platform for a better connect across the education ecosystem. It aims to improve learning through collaboration and help students to develop the effective communication necessary to thrive in the schools/colleges, besides, an opportunity to let others see the hidden talents. It even offers a unique blog space to publish whatever the students want without interference.

If I ask you, why does a person study? You might answer, “It’s simple. For getting a decent lifestyle.”. But, how will you make your life happening? Yes, jobs are the ways to make it happen. For the jobs, we need colleges to have good connections with the industry which is now possible with Unfurl Minds. The students can seek advice from the industry people and alumni about internships, projects, and jobs. In a sense, Unfurl Minds is aiming to create an informative and collaborative ecosystem.

When asked, the co-founders accepted that it was not easy for others to believe in them because college administrators often stick to existing approaches and resist change. Few colleges who have accepted the innovative platform have seen a new dimension among their students. And not only students, it is now far more easy for the institutions to keep a track on attendance, polls, assignments, study materials etc.

Summing up, Unfurl Minds offers something beyond the line of limit. It might metamorph into the BFF (best friend forever) in a student’s life. For that to happen it is important to reach more schools/colleges to make a better impact. As stated, they believe in transparency, they are really open about their weakness or strengths. Right now, they are in talks about some fee-based services: Advertising for Educational product and service provider, Gig based model of selling digital services, Analytics based products and services to drive high growth, Premium packages for individuals to get discounts on online services and partner vendors and Online/Offline coaching for subjects and extracurricular activities.

Nobody knew, that day, a casual coffee meeting would become a remarkable day in their life marking the beginning of Unfurl Minds, a solution to many problems in the present education ecosystem. Cheers to Unfurl Minds and hope to see it grow and push the youth to scale new heights.

UNFURL: Real Time Student Network Platform
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