TVwiz is merging DTH and web world together

TVwiz creates overlays on the live DTH/Cable feed. The TV app detects the content on live TV and provides information to the user based on the content.

Now watching television has become much more interesting with TVwiz. The TVwiz app provides a way to interact with a number of users and a  viewer can get all sorts of information on the content like detailed program info, casting, Facebook/twitter feed etc. Users can even see what their friends are watching, can shop based on the advertisement on the TV then and there itself. Users can also write comments, tweet, create memes etc. and share it from the TVwiz app. This is a new platform through which many interesting things can be achieved.

The smartphone app has TV guide, program and casting information, aggregation, Live TV, social integration, reviews, comments, IR integration etc. and it also acts as a second screen to the TV app.

The Eureka Moment

The TV content is all broadcasted and is one way communication from the DTH provider to the TV viewer. There is no way to know more information on the content or give your opinion while watching TV without reaching out to your smartphone. This made us think of a platform on TVs, where in if an app could detect content and provide a way to interact or provide comprehensive information on the content and provide a way to multitask all without disturbing the TV viewing experience, it would make TV viewing more fun and interactive. Thats when TVwiz got into existence.

It has been founded by Sudheer Keshav Chepa who is from  IITB and Bhargava Kancherla who is from IISc Bangalore. They have been working together as software developers for close to 10 years in enterprise and startup companies and have designed dozens of software solutions, mentored development and support teams and handled several field issues. They have generated several ideas during our career and many have transformed into product solutions. They both believe in brainstorming on versatile and crosscutting ideas and productising them.

Why Are We Different?

We believe that we are building a disruptive technology which will change the way everyone will watch TV in future. The revenue model would be ad based in the beginning. We would be getting into data analytics on user data which can be used by advertisers, TV channels, content providers, TRPs etc. We already have the smartphone app on android and has greater than 10000 downloads. The app on iOS is to be released.

Future Plans

The plan is to start with smartphone app on all platforms, build a good user base. Become the best TV guide in the market with social integration, catch up and live TV experience. We would be getting into content creation, content rentals, cloud TV, augmented reality, advertising network creation etc. Later, release the smart TV app for different platforms like android, samsung, LG etc and penetrate the market.

 The challenge is to fast pace the development. We are looking for some funding for development. Once we have the product ready across decent number of platforms, we will be planning to scale further. We believe we are progressing pretty decently on our challenges.

We would like to get the TV app out as soon as possible. TV app would be having several exciting features like content recognition, social integration, content creation, social viewing, shopping enablement, cloud TV, content rentals, augmented reality to name a few. Read Startup News.


TVwiz is merging DTH and web world together
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