New trend setting season launched-Threads and Needles

threads and needles

Threads and Needles is a platform that provides you the most economic apparel from fashion designers all over the country

Threads and Needles ( launched their application on 2nd July 2, 2016 and aims to provide the best fashion apparel at a competitive price. They claim to integrate technology, fashion designers, and production on one single platform.

“The penetration of technology has been expeditive lately and Threads & Needles is a first of its kind technology initiative that caters the needs of fashion enthusiasts. It envisages the idea of dressmaking to the correct fit and style that best suits our customers. I am proud to put forward an app that can best serve the fashion needs of the customers across the globe. Also, a local fashion boutique can get a customer base from India and abroad. It is a 2-way marketplace for fashion designers and customers. Threads & Needles has a unique comprehensive solution related to customer attitude and habits in the apparel world. .” says Gurram Gopi Krishna (CEO & Co-Founder – Threads & Needles).

Threads & Needles gives niche clothing selections and exclusive personal style services, which include a detailed Style Assessment that uses a person’s body measures and physic information, which will ensure that the customers are always dressed well.

“Customization of clothing was the contemporary way of dressmaking. The elegance that an Indian Ethnic outfit can give a customer is what gives us the confidence to explore this sector of the apparel market. 100% customization is what we believe in and have designed our protocol for fulfilling the same. Threads & Needles has the potential to give a customer about 600 different designs from various fashion designers in India. The app takes an input of 21 different measurements and help the designer analyze if the design and outfit will best suit the customer or not.” says Sujita D (CDO & Co-Founder – Threads & Needles) with an experience of 5 years in the design world and having run her own fashion boutique knows the challenges a designer can face to withstand in the current market. She also adds that Threads & Needles is a whole new experience for both customers and fashion designers. Unlike the other ecommerce applications that sell what a seller has, Threads & Needles is prototyped in a way that makes a customer buy what he/she wants.

Kalyan Chakravarthi (COO & CCO – Threads & Needles) says that the application intents to provide a marketplace that is user friendly and ensures easy payment terms and delivery options. The designs provided by the customers are priced by a bidding process by the designers and the best quote can be chosen by the customer. This is an innovative step that helps every designer make a successful business with Threads & Needles. We aim at targeting 1 million fashion customers at the end of 2017.

Threads & Needles has both android and IOS apps for fashion customers and fashion designers. Think of an app where a customer uploads an outfit of their choice, while the designers bid for the price and the customer chooses the best price and confirms an order which is then shipped to any place on the globe. “The next update aims at providing a more interactive and virtually appealing application.” says Shabbeer Hussain.S (CTO – Threads & Needles) who is a software engineer and the senior of the lot.

“Our market is not confined to India alone we aim at making our business global and I am here to help my mate meet targets” says Vinay Penikalapati (CTO & International Marketing Head)

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