Top 5 HR and Management Startups at August Fest 2016

HR and Management Startups

To run a lean startup you need the right resource at the right time. HR and Management Startups can help here

The August Fest 2016 has been a full swing even it was in September.  With new and incredible and credible startups spurring out every day, a great and exciting lot of them turned out at the fest. Categorizing, there happen to be a lot of great players in the Hr and Business administrative field. We happen to scoop around to pick the best of that lot and list down HR and Management Startups for you guys.

247hrm: (

247 HR is a single platform solution for any company’s HRM problems.  With over 600 clients, 247 HRM has had a satisfactory 10 years run under the name of Interbiz International Pvt Ltd.  247 HRM has about 20 industry verticals, who have had great satisfaction with their modules.


 KEKA is a software that provides HR management for a really economic price. The USP of KEKA has to be its affordability nature. Its unique HR and Payroll platforms promise a great optimization towards salary payments and employee management.

HR Footprints: (

    With 10 years of experience and excellence, HR Footprints Management Services Pvt Ltd provides a great range of HR and Management services to businesses.

HR Footprints has a great influence in the market space with due to its HR , Recruitment and learning services

Bizbee: (

An automated software, Bizbee helps any company/organization with their day to day business processes.

Bizbee has an array of simple and affective apps which are really rich in resources to help out businesses in their processing and analytical domains.

AND Consulting: (

AND business consulting are strategic advisors whose advising services deal with leadership, transaction, business and Strategic advisory services. AND helps a company with its value preposition and also serves as a platform for consultation for businesses on different levels of their growth.

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