When there is Till why to wait Still

Till Pos is a cloud based mobile point of sale software through which business owners can stay connected to their business anywhere and at any time. Till provides a front end tablet based ordering solution and a powerful back office dashboard to take the right decisions at the right time. Apart from this, business owners can now talk to their businesses through messaging and voice apps to get actionable insights without having to monitor the dashboard all the time. Till Pos artificial intelligence supported messenger BOT will provide logical alerts and responses to any question in an instant from the data captured through the POS.

Born in Australia, brought up in India

Founded in February 2016 headquartered at Australia, Till pos touched Indian shores by April 2016 and is doing well. The main challenge was the infrastructure in India, where they had to work through many scenarios to be able to successfully install the POS in a store within a day. The approaches to hardware, online-offline solution, electricity, training staff, etc. have all now been made to account for Indian needs. This is helping them scale rapidly as the hospitality industry is now ready for this disruption in India.

A seed to Plant to tree

Snehit’s mom started a business in Australia which needed a POS. But the realization was that, her needs for the business in the market exceeded her budget. So Snehit, and his friends came up together to build a till for her. They are excited in making it the next generation’s first ever BOT and IoT based POS software.

The young and energetic Entrepreneurs

The team were all friends since college days and have prior work experience from reputed MNCs in consulting field at Australia.

  • Snehit Velma (26)Founder, CEO holds a bachelors degree in software engineering form Monash University and Stanford Ignite, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.
  • Basanth Pearala (26) Co-Founder, COO holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from University of Melbourne.
  • Satadru Raha (29), CTO, too holds a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Monash University.
  • Thiya Arrabolu (25) the Director, holds a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Monash University.

The immeasurable Growth and Traction

This bootstrapped organization has been generating a profitable income of $4000 per month with 90 paying customers and 10 in the pipeline acquired since April 2016 showing 50% growth in number of clients every month in India.

Till’s ability in solving the present scenario

Current POS systems are archaic in the technology they use. They don’t give business owners right information and insights to help them grow. There are number of reports in POS systems today that provide information but it is time consuming. Most importantly they do not have the ability to alert owners at the right time without constant monitoring.Hence staying connected with the business is very important for the business owners to take the right action at the right time. Till’s point of sale is a SaaS platform that is easy to use and powerful to run local to enterprise level retail and hospitality businesses. It can be securely accessed across a range of channels including in-store, online and mobile, while integrating with IoT devices. Til,l collects data to provide insights to sustain and grow businesses. The artificial intelligence supported messenger bot will provide logical and actionable alerts and responses to any question related to the business instantly. They have a subscription based pricing model, ranging from monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans and promisingly provides most affordable software for the value it provides.

What not a Till can

Till comes with a front-end mobile tablet where orders are placed and a back-office dashboard that can be viewed by the business owner for most accurate information at all times.Whether running a busy café, vibrant restaurant or a unique fast food outlet, Till POS has an electric range of features for all kinds of businesess. Mainly businesses that are a franchise chain or have many different stores, with Till they will now have the ability to track every minute detail and keep a check on them all stores from one place!

With Till we can :

  • Enable Quick Transactions
  • Make Easy Payments
  • Configure Automated Promotions
  • Scan Personalised Barcodes
  • Table Ordering and Management
  • Delivery Order and Driver Management
  • Order Customisation and Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Employee Management
  • Automated Wage Calculations
  • Inventory and Supplier Management
  • Track Variations and Performance
  • Business Accounting
  • Control and Own Data Security
  • Analytics Driven Reporting
  • Powerful Cloud Dashboard

To be continued

In future, the team has plans to expand into the global market starting from US and UK and would like to be the leaders in providing real time analytics that allow businesses to make fast and informed decisions through quantifiable insights using the wealth of data collected from their store’s POS system, IOT devices and mobile apps. Read more Startup Updates.

When there is Till why to wait Still
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1 Comment

  1. Kapil Munjal

    February 21, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    The transactions industry is evolving and new startups are the key. All the best guys.

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