According to our mythologies, Arjuna was the greatest of all archers. He never missed a target and more importantly, he was a student of the great warrior Dronacharya. This last thing brands him as the best. Somewhere in the middle of all these chapters of Mahabharatha, lies the story of Ekalavya. He never missed a target either. He was self-made and talented. But he was not a student of some great guru. Nobody noticed him and he got lost in the crowd. This story reflects the present society too. Students of big and deemed universities get a preferential treatment from the society. But a talented student who is self-made is not much cared for. In a world where competence, ability and talent are supposed to be the qualities to be admired and encouraged, brand value of an institution is taking the limelight. To help people get rid of this notion, a group of budding engineers started The Testament.


The Testament was founded in 2012 by three students Nishanth Mittal (Business Development Manager), Avneesh Khanna (Technology Development Manager) and Kumar Sambhav (Operations Manager) who were joined by their juniors in college- Prakhar Chandna (Technology Development Executive) and Ankit Jindal (Marketing Manager).


The Testament provides interim sales and marketing services for organizations. Recruit, train and deploy sales, marketing and research forces for companies across verticals and geographies. It provides training on the basis of design thinking concepts and eradicates the lack of retention of knowledge imparted. This can be observed very clearly in its products- Engame and Market Acquire.

EnGame is a training retention and workforce engagement tool created for the forces working with The Testament which work on Market Acquisition Projects, both on-ground and telephonic. The product has seen great response seen great response from the L&D industry and is proving to be a separate profit center for the company.
Market Acquire is a workforce management tool which enables The Testament manage its on-ground and tele-calling forces across the nation. Market Acquire provides us a means of seamless data acquisition, sanitization, validation, quality control and optimization. It’s how we extract great productivity from our resources for every project.

The Testament has been on a long journey from being a University journal to becoming a Market Acquisition Consulting company with a strong background Learning and Development. In the early days of its inception, working out of a coffee house, The Testament had the challenge of making people believe in its ideas and projecting itself as a corporate with 5 people as the workforce. Today, it has a team of 15 people working with more than a hundred freelancers. It is working with companies like Urban Tailor, UBM, GMAS, Uber, Swajal.

The Testament is a very good example of a zero value startup. It shows young entrepreneurs that great ideas with no funding can reach heights too. Acting smart in projecting their value and, as their tagline goes, staying inspired; The Testament has created a niche for dealing with simple yet innovative ideas. They work with Ford, GM, UBM, Uber and UrbanClap and many more notable companies.

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