Cognizant VP dad is the pillar for these teenagers Startup – Godimensions


India’s youngest app developers shows us their audacious path of hustle – Godimensions

Siblings, Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran of Chennai are the youngest siblings of India to start their own company, Godimensions. They are the youngest app developers of India.

Shravan Kumaran, 16 years and Sanjay Kumaran, 14 years are running their company since 2012. The duo are the youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India. They are also one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the world. They design application both for Android and iOS phone. The siblings claim about more than 11 applications to their kitty. They have even released couple of Windows apps.

We asked the brothers as how they managed programming and coding at such an young age

Shravan Kumar said, ‘We get lots of books, we read them thoroughly and try to solve all the problems in the book. That is how we grasped programming. For our apps, we do the coding ourselves.’

For the Kumaran brothers, their startup cost mainly lies in buying gadgets. Instead of waiting for sponsors, the brothers depend on their father. ‘Our startup is funded by our dad’, says Shravan Kumaran. Their father Kumaran Surendran is the Associate Vice President of Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is the pillar of their startup. The brothers say, ‘our dad always motivated us to think different.  He never forced us to follow the routine of studies, school, college and then job. Even now if we decide to give up on our company, our parents would be quite okay with it.’

Apps above the normal bar

The brother duo have taken their discoveries to a different level. Their virtual reality app, GoVR has crossed the barriers of normal apps. Sanjay says, ‘if you use our headset, you can place your phone and experience the virtual reality. You can find other products of virtual reality in the market,  but those are in the price line of 26k to 40k. But you get our Virtual Reality app for just Rs.799. That’s our magic.  We give you extra ordinary app experience at unbelievably low price.’

Our first iOS app was ‘Catch Me Cop’. The app is for capturing an escaped convict. We introduced other apps for iphone henceforth named Alphabets Board, Player Planet, Car Racing, Super Hero, Jetpack and Color Pallete. We launched an emergency app for both children and adults named ‘Emergency Booth’.

Next in line

The brothers are working on a home automation app namely ‘Golock’. This app will control the main door of the house virtually. You can see in your app who’s on the door. You can command your phone to either open the door or you can leave a message to the visitor. So you need not be present right infront of your door for visitors. Through this app you can operate your door from your room, office or any other place. Sounds exciting isn’t it. Eagerly waiting for this app to come in the market,  so that we can know more.

The teen brothers have shown India the door to young entrepreneurs. Schools and colleges are taking special interest in infusing entrepreneurship spirit among young minds. Young Indians are already captivated with the growing number of investors and entrepreneurs.

Must say the brothers are not only ambitious, but also confident of their dream. Within few years they aim to get their apps downloaded to about fifty percent of world’s smartphone accounts.

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