Talkeees – Expectation Before, Experience During, Emotion After


Talkeees is A Unique Social Networking Platform

Before taking any decision be it purchasing something, joining a college, watching a movie, selecting a restaurant etc. it has become difficult to go through authentic experiences of people in limited time. To bridge this gap, Kohuwa Baruah, along with her cofounders have launched a video based social networking platform “Talkeees”. Talkeees is one of a kind social networking platform where users share their authentic experiences, about anything and everything in the form of a short video (up to 45 seconds) to help each other take better and informed decisions and have fun at the same time.

The Challenging Game

When there was a downfall noticed in their previous business because of few circumstances, they decided to make Beta product and outsourced the project to an app developer service provider in Bangalore.  After a lot of effort, the android version was out and was shared among family and friends.

The Birth story of Talkeees

It was when one of the founders’ first trip to Dubai in 2014 to pursue MBA. Once he landed there even though few suggestions came in handy but leading a student life was completely a different experience and had no idea on how to survive. To fill this gap of finding authentic experiences of activities which people have done before, 3Es of Life was born in 2014 in the form of small college project. The whole idea was to share expectations, ongoing experience and emotions attached of the students enrolled and the professors imparting knowledge which can work as a guiding beacon for future students.  In 2015, thereafter understanding the potential of the concept, 3ES of Life got evolved to “talkeees” as an experience sharing app available on IOS and Android.

The Brilliant Team

Mrs. Kohuwa Baruah Neeraj (32), the daughter of eminent cinematographer (Assamese Cinema), Late Ajan Baruah and national award winning producer Geeti Baruah is a postgraduate in mass communication and was handling PR for Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in India prior to starting Talkeees. She and her husband works along with 3 other co-founders.

Kohuwa Baruah Neeraj, Co-Founder

It’s Easy to Use and Understand

Talkeees as a platform is extremely simple and fun to use. The users can record short videos upto 45 sec, can go through the most admired experiences in the trending screen, search for a particular talkeee form the interest screens, check out the talkeees recorded within 50 miles of your area in the nearby screen and check the talkeees by the people been followed  in the home screen. Sharing experience is even more fun by just clicking the button that opens the camera with timer. Users have the power to select interests, location, emotions and use hash tags to provide description.

Growth, Traction and Performance

In social media platform, traction is the key rather than revenue at early stages. Users are sharing experiences right from purchasing and using as simple as a talcum powder to enjoying a movie experience to trekking expedition etc. Apart from English and Hindi, experiences are shared even in Marathi, Assamese, Punjabi and Kannada. It’s a dedicated platform for sharing experiences. A fixed video format with E’s makes it unique, authentic, saves time & is easier to comprehend. It’s currently bootstrapped and looking out for funding.

Future Plans and Proposals

The team’s immediate plan is to strengthen the user base, improve the product and concentrate on indulging people to share authentic experiences making it fun and interesting in India. Within a year, they  are planning to widen the platform globally.

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