STARTUP – Shop from the store you love brings your favorite stores closer to you is an e-commerce franchise platform to connect local stores and services to customers in their area. offers services on an array of products ranging from groceries, foods, sweets-and-snacks to Computer repairs, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical works and more. All these services are delivered at the customer’s doorstep. All one has to do is order from his/her loved store in their local area and rest assured. follow-up’s the Order from Customer-Store and Delivers it right at their doorstep. Sounds interesting??? Well, there’s more – promotes SundayKart-reward programs to encourage customer loyalty.

A customer can buy required items from his local stores by comparing the lowest prices of items in those stores.

Customers can conveniently place their orders through website, Android mobile App or simply Whatsapp or place a telephonic order.

Launched in 2014, by Mr.Satya Ponnuru (founder, CEO) and Mr.Sai Kalyan Kurapati (COO) with 20 employees to provide e-commerce technology support to the people who own delivery services – so franchisee can focus on marketing / sales in their area, rather than technology part and to provide a collective market branding for these franchisee’s.

The CEO speaks about his venture – ” Initially, we developed an online delivery platform for grocery / restaurant / sweets & snacks stores. So, they can put their merchandise online, and provide delivery services to the people. But unfortunately, it was not efficient for these stores, as these stores always relied on delivery people, who more often than not, are technologically impaired. Keeping this in mind, we thought why not provide a platform for delivery people too, so they participate in their area. They can bring stores, services and customers together. So, we modified the platform to support these people “.

About the business model he says: “Right now we are not making money and building the structure with the requirements and step by step adding the services like Grocery, Restaurant Food, Vegetables & Fruits, Food Courts, Services Include Computer-Bike/Car-AC… and recently we started working on Franchises. We get commission from the stores for the total sale. We give 60% of the commission to franchisees and 40% is used to support SundayKart reward program and develop/manage the Sundaykart platform”.

Presently, concentrated in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, with 650 stores, 3000 clients and over 200 orders per month, is looking to broaden its horizons and reach out to other states and countries as well.

For Small and Medium scale Business is empowering the SMB’s to go online and earn more. SMBs can do their business online through with zero capital involved and no registration charges.

Future plans is planning a platform where individuals can rent items to people in their area.

It is also building a platform to bridge the gap between the farmers and the end users. – Shop from the store you love
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