Startups rapping at Startup Saturday 100th edition


Rap Your Pitch at 100th Startup Saturday Presentation

Startup rapping provided fun and showcased their business in an entertaining way.

The 100th Startup Saturday, dubbed as the Centennial Saturday was a venue to a pitch like no other. Where prominent startups of the city pitched their startups by rapping it to a great background music. The entirety of the assembled crowd cheered and lauded them in applause as the Founders, CEOs or team members came on stage rapping about their startups.

5 budding and emerging startups of the city were the ones who participated in this fun-filled activity. The 5 of these are

1)    Stumagz:

Starting off the Rap your Pitch session was Sri Charan Lakkaraju, the founder, and CEO of Stumagz, the online students magazine where there is anything and everything for a student. Students get to network with students from other colleges, get to know about events, internships and what not.

Students get to share all of their innovations, talents onto a great network of more than 100+ and growing magazines on Write articles and get known to all through Stumagz.

2)    Kahaniya:

Continuing on the tempo comes in Pallav Bajjuri, the CEO of If there is a lack on the internet, it is regional content. The content industry makes about $4billion (2016) and may cross $11.1 Billion by 2020.

Kahaniya aims to remove that void by providing a base for regional writers to write and earn through their micro payment method and for regional language readers and enthusiasts with exciting content and stories to read about. The kahaniya app is available on play store and is soon to go live on the IOS platform.

3)    Fat Cow Creamery:

Contact them here

Vinuta Rallapalli started off a bit hesitant but was cheered by the audience and she soon picked up the pace when she went on about her startup the Fat Cow Creamery which is a truck based ice cream parlor and dairy products venture which has amazing and great varieties of ice creams. With cool reviews on Zomato and Facebook, Fat Cow Creamery soon aims to hit malls and theaters to FCC in the next 3 years.

4)    Nebulae:

Operating out of the prestigious and lavish T-Hub at the IIIT Hyderabad campus, team Nebulae gave the best rap pitch of the all. 3 of the founding team members took to the stage and rapped their product and the problems faced by dull and the lack of motivation that is persistent in the work culture today. Nebulae Pulse is a Mobile and Analytics platform headed by Govind Balachandran who promise to bring out the best of-of any work space and culture.

5)    Beeryani Fitness

Well, that got a tad bit laughable at a point but Beeryani Fitness’s pitch was as quirky as the startup itself is. Founded by Batman (Um.. maybe? This one is really tough to crack.), Beeryani fitness schedules out the best fitness routines and claims to be a really great option for people who hate routine workouts and gym sessions but still want to become batman(Again, umm…).

The Startup Saturday session concluded with the rap your pitch and all in all was amazing.

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