StartupBeats – Revolutionizing The Ways to Get Funded


StartupBeats is an event where startups can get funded based on customer feedback

StartupBeats is the largest startup conference that is going to be held on 27th of November. It is unique in its own way as it provides a platform to the aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups and the Investors to take a better decision looking at the analytics.

How StartupBeats work

Ever wondered why most of the startups fail? There are a lot of reasons but the main reason being that the startup does not meet the needs of the customer. For any startup to reach great heights addressing the expectation of the user is most important. Here is where StartupBeats comes to your rescue.

StartupBeats is a very unique event where in the participants can give their review as well as the ratings to a startup they come across at the event. They can even give a feedback to the startup about the areas on which they can be improved giving the startup a basic idea on the important factors they need to work upon. At the same time the investors too can get a basic understanding of what the customers are really interested into and can get a base on which startup to invest into so as to get higher returns.

It provides a great networking platform to all the startup enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs to connect with top executives in their respective fields to gain insights about the mistakes that startup make and the creative ways by which they can get par with the never ending cycle of startup funding.

To add more to it any startup can make its presence on the web and mobile applications which will be accessible to everyone who is present in the market.

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