StarClinch the new face of entertainment that makes artist-booking Easy

India is evolving in terms of economy, infrastructure, culture and governance. Our nation has made sure to keep up with the standards of the powerful countries of the world, and this is leading us towards a better, brighter future. Well, apart from the said parameters, there is one more aspect, in which India is growing with a fast pace – entertainment. With the growing awareness among various peoples, India is pushing the boundaries of art and craft, and witnessing success stories of artistes from every corner of the nation. To add more such stories to the treasury, India has witnessed a new face of entertainment – StarClinch.

This one-year-old startup has turned to the Indian artistes like an angel who dives deep into the ocean of talent to bring to limelight the best ones that otherwise get lost in the massive queue of talent.  As the motto of the company says – “Cut the Q”, StarClinch helps budding artists get discovered in the competitive world of talent, without having to wait for their chance for an indefinite period of time or losing their chance to somebody with lesser calibre.


Launched in January 2015, StarClinch works from two perspectives – artist and talent-seeker. The two parties are different yet closely related to each other. How? Well, an artist seeks opportunity, while a talent-seeker looks for wholesome entertainment. An artist never wants to be underpaid, while the latter always looks forward to paying reasonably. An artist needs security of payment, while a talent-buyer expects discipline and timely delivery of an artist’s talent. This massive friction is controlled and regulated by so as to satisfy both the parties at par.

How it Works? is an easy online portal that enables artists to get visibility, using a one-page artist profile that contains each and every detail about the talent, such as biography, current location, images, audio/video links, genre specification, language preferences, and preferred events. The user gets quick information about their favorite talent in minutes, and can hire in seconds.

When asked of the current situation of the entertainment market, here’s what Varun Agrawal, founder and CEO, has to say:

“It’s a much messed up market for both artists as well as talent-buyers. The fact that you have to deal with endless intermediaries is heart-breaking as they exist only for commissions, which ultimately takes a toll on the pockets of talent-seekers. StarClinch is a medium that has totally eradicated this middlemen culture. You need an artist; just contact us and we get you in touch with one. No markups!”

Journey So Far

StarClinch has now grown into a platform that showcases more than 8000 artists spread across 14 categories and 100 sub-categories. The company has, today, done more than 2 crore worth of business. We are now a team of 30+ skilled professionals spread across four departments – Booking, Marketing, Content Development, and Product. StarClinch has managed to engage 1800 artist-bookings till date, and works with more than 50 venues in Delhi NCR regularly. Running for the last one-and-a-half years without any sort of investor-funding, StarClinch has launched its fully functional state-of-the-art Android app and are soon set to launch similar app for Apple iOS phones.

Vision of StarClinch

The company aims to create a full-fledged online marketplace for artists, to eradicate middlemen culture and inflated pricing. From user’s perspective, it makes sure that in future, they should be able to book their favourite artist while relaxing on the couch in their home. The official partners of StarClinch – Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay from the famous youth TV show MTV Roadies – plans to have a 7-city tour with the company, to encourage talent.

“We will achieve the 15,000 mark by the end of the fiscal year 2016–17,” believes Amar Rout, Vice President (Product), StarClinch, when asked of the total number of artist- registrations.

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StarClinch the new face of entertainment that makes artist-booking Easy
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