SoulPure handcrafts products with love to save ecosystem


SoulPure promotes handmade skin products to reduce chemical exposures and to save the ecosystem

SoulPure is a passion driven business based in Bangalore, India. They specialize in making pure and natural, handmade soaps and luxury skin care formulations that will help protect and nourish your skin. The founder of SoulPure Ms. Uttara (Below is her image), who is an Environmental Engineer turned entrepreneur has always been fascinated by handmade, natural and organic brands like bodyshop, biotique, khadi, soulflower, etc. and the ingredients used in them. She resides at Bangalore where she also makes her exquisitely formulated handmade, natural and chemical free soaps.

Homemade beauty regime was always a part of her life. Slowly she started taking deep interest in reading and thereby learning a lot on various natural and handmade cosmetic product making processes. Initially she tried and tested it for herself and started gifting it to her close friends for about over a year now. Development of prolonged demand for these soaps within her circle was when she decided to take it to the next level of turning it into a business.

SoulPure has widely been successful to convey the message and spread awareness among people about the harmful chemicals prevalent in the commercially manufactured soaps. The customers quite commonly come up with different skin conditions due to climatic variability and seek to suggest them soaps with ingredients to meet their requirements. SoulPure has a track record of satisfied customers as they have always largely aimed at solving the major skin concern for their customer assisting each one of them individually. Also in common it has been able to successfully provide all natural, chemical free, mild, nourishing, and 100% handmade soap rich in natural glycerin.

Being a self funded start-up, the focus has always been on making in small batches of soaps right at their shop which brings to contentment, the utmost perfection in each of them. Due to the vast encouragement received over the shortest span, it is to introduce beauty products like lip balms and body wash soon along with an expansion in the numbers of the core working team. They are about to launch an easy to navigate website which would enable customers to purchase online too. SoulPure mentions ‘any handmade business is: Make, Market, Sell, and Repeat’. And the detail of how this is done is the business model. They firmly adhere to the Facebook based business which has brought them to the crowd along with certain occasional custom orders. As the manufacturing, packaging and shipping is still led by a one woman army, there is hardly any time to keep updating the shop items. Having an item stocked up, gives her more time to relax and to advertise without the fear of running out of stock suddenly. So she posts the item just ahead of selling so the audience are aware of the soon to be available product with its detailed description and price. She also sometimes makes custom orders for special occasions like return gifts for baby shower, wedding and office orders as Diwali gifts like the one she is currently working on.

On the work front SoulPure has always thrived with a strong and supportive group of mentors, colleagues, helpers and friends who has helped throughout with a constant push. Though they are not officially coined with terms like co-founders doesn’t mean that they are likely to be less supportive. SoulPure started with a single product, a niche unto itself, and then added to the line organically over time. It did not start will a million assorted products with no rhyme or reason. There are lots of bright and coordinated colors, all aimed at the “woman the go” who aims at soaps specific with skin types. The products are beautifully packaged and presented. Yet another customer attraction being all the ingredients of the soap are handwritten (Photo below) on them for all the variants. The USP being all ingredients used including essential and fragrance oils are carefully sourced from the USA which are from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic approved and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant and phthalate free manufactures respectively. The colours used in their products are sourced from the USA which have been thoroughly tested and approved for skin and lips usage. It also strongly stands against animal cruelty hence none of their products are tested on animals and makes sure to source their raw material through cruelty free companies and through fair trade distributors. Read more Startup Stories.

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