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ShowMyCity is a map to locate local shops and traders

ShowMyCity (SMC) is an online interface which guides the users to locate the shops and traders easily and thereby enhancing their shopping experience. It was founded by a group of young individuals who completed their graduation in various disciplines and have sufficient pool of knowledge in marketing and technical department.

In a nutshell

Identify the search

-Divide into suitable categories

-Execute the results to the user

This is the way SMC works. Whenever a user places a query, SMC based on the product nature gives the details of the shops which own this product in the city.

It works with 3 basic inputs; they are Keyword, Location of the user, and Category of the product. This can be explained with an example

  1. Keyword: Scooty pep
  2. Your location: Nagole.
  3. Choose any category that you’re looking for: Bike related>pre-owned bikes.

You will be directed to many results with the above inputs and you have the flexibility to choose the output.

It also provides information regarding groceries, internet cafes and other locations which are not accessible with the help of Google Maps and Justdial. All the shops are placed in the categories on the website and easily accessible. SMC has an edgy interface compared to maps and other e-commerce giants.

Behind the curtains

The founders found the inspiration to build this interface from the leading apps such as Snapdeal, and Facebook. They took a versatile quality from each of these apps and integrated into this app.

The core team is a team of friends since their school days. All of them built this with mutual trust. It comprises Rajesh (21) Content department.(lead),Naveen (22) and technical department. Shresta (20) B.arch – Marketing.(lead),Ganesh (22) Content department. Vamshi(21) – Content department.Praveen(21) – Content department. Akshay Koundina(21),Ipcc- Team/Project lead. Interesting fact is that all of them are pursuing their final year of undergrad education. They convinced their parents for their project.

ShowMyCity team at an event in Hyderabad

As of now, they are not funded and they are confident that they will reap profits and attract giant investors. Basic costs are funded. They have built their database in Hyderabad and are eager to expand to metros such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. They successfully completed work on main roads, streets and important landmarks and they are focusing on every small place in the streets.

Hope they will connect the customer to his desired product at an appropriate location and evolve as a giant in their business.

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