Schoolknot transforming education system with their app


Schoolknot ties all schools to a digital platform that can be accessed by anyone is the first company that is creating a student’s app where E-learning content will be pushed from the school in sync with the curriculum. Schoolknot helps the students to get visual of the topics that were covered at the school on the same day. Indian school segment is US $ 95.8 billion in 2015. Less than 1% of this is in technology and multi-media.

Schoolknot aims to eliminate the capital investment at school for smart classrooms and students need for expensive tuitions to clear their concepts.

In A Nutshell

Schoolknot comes in the form of an android and IOS app which bridges parents with their ward’s school. Through innovative forums, parents can pull in and give information at the same time. They can rate schools, compare them with other schools, the curriculum can be reviewed and stuff from another school curriculum can also be learnt. Online progress reports are shared and these can be viewed using the app.

With everything and every domain getting digitalized, the need for schools to share an open connection with parents and parents with that of the management is the question no one thought to ask. Schoolknot presents a perfect answer to this question. Transparency and dependency are two close call factors for a kid’s development.

Behind The Curtains

Narsing Rao(Founder) has 15+ years experience in setting up various projects in hospitality, Insurance, mailroom operations, IT & BPO sectors. He was joined by N. Kavitha(Co-founder) who has 7+ years experience in Schools and Satish Sawara(Technical Partner) who has 15+ years of experience in IT, mobile application development and BPO operations.

The founders went through a thorough analysis of the marketplace for the venture. Armed with a perfect knowledge of the market score, target areas and phase plans, Schooknot is rocketing through in the play store and IOS app store.

Teachers can hand out homework to students through the app and parents have a clear understanding of how their kids are faring at school. The parents can also connect with other parents and thus the app not just allows student progress monitoring but also gives a collaborative touch.

With the app hitting the streets of schooling with levelling speed, Schoolknot aims to release many more features and updates to their app soon enough. Admission management, transport tracking, payroll management, online assessment, store management, advanced attendance management, flip classrooms and multi-branch management are few to name. Schooknot aims to spread throughout the country in phase 2 and many a part of the world in phase 3.


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