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Room2Shop is competing with large funded e-commerce giants

Room2shop ( is a leading online retailer with attractive price tags in India & world’s fast growing E-commerce company with auction facility and wholesale rooms offering cloud based E-commerce platform services in B2C, C2C, B2B verticals. It is recognized globally for its innovative approach towards delivering business values, responding to the customer’s needs. This organization believes in empowering every individual and business in the retail & wholesale value chain by providing affordable technology to solve large scale business problems. Customers can make best selection from wide range of products across more than 45 category rooms like mobiles & tablets, books & magazines, computers & accessories, electronics, gifts, cameras, fashion & accessories, home & kitchen, baby care & toys, music, movie & posters, health & fitness, auto accessories etc.  It is easy to search products based on different categories such as price, brand, colour and other product specific features. Their website provides editorial descriptions and technical specifications as part of the complete product information. High resolution images with zoom viewer will help you visualize minute product details. The detailed price breakdown will enhance your trust in us.

Bingo moment and Core Team

A particular city failed to offer shipment and online payment. Avdhesh Tripathi and his colleague who had been known to each for past 12 years came up with this idea. Core team members include

  • Avdhesh Tripathi, 35, having 13 years of experience in Finance and Banking sector.
  • Prakash Kaptan , 38 , with 15+ experience in Finance and Banking.
  • Priti Tiwari, 25, with 3 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Online business.

Revenue and Growth

Currently the website has around 21000 visitors on daily basis. Around 76 lakhs of GMV has been tracked since the start with 25% of growing MoM. Auction, e-MLM and the revenue model are on sales commission.


This start-up is currently a bootstrapped one.

The Final Destination

As the Spirit lies in making customer win and democratize trade, to get benefited from online commerce, ecosystem aims to make ecommerce an active trade channel. Room2shop aims to organize SME sector in India and offer platform asset to re-intermediate channel of distribution in the mere future. Finally, Room2shop makes shopping tension-free & transparent, where a customer never fails to get the right product for him & his loved ones.

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