RentSetGo an online marketplace to lend or borrow gear online


There is always a feeling to earn some bucks with the unused gear in home, it could be a costly Camera, a bike, unused car, play station and the list goes on. Had there been a platform where one could lend these items on rent, which in turn would earn some revenues for the gear owner. Exactly, for those thinking on these lines have a great opportunity in the form of ‘RentSetGo’. RentSetGo is an online marketplace, through which one can borrow awesome and expensive gear curates across an array of categories from High-end Cameras and Lenses to Camping Gear; Cycles; Motorbikes; Barbeque Grills and much more. On the contrary, some people could need the expensive gear for a limited period of time, which they would not be in a position to purchase, or even if they purchase after the purpose for which they get the item would be of no use once they meet the need.

Things to lend or rent can be chose from different categories such as Gadgets under this items include Desktops, Laptops, Projectors and so on, Games items under this category include Beerpong Table, Giant Jenga, Karoake Machine, board games and so on. Moreover, Travel Gear like Motorbikes, High-end Cameras and Lenses, Camping Equipment, Cycles and much more! They have a whole lot of 4000+ listings across Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Manali ,Shimla, Rishikesh, Chandigarh, Nainital, Amritsar and to choose from them at such affordable prices that will everyone wonder why haven’t such thing come up in the first place! What is more fascinating is they offer a secured hassle-free renting experience with all pick-ups and deliveries taken care of by them.

This result came up because of the Founder’s passion towards travelling. The founder’s of the company were on a 250 Kilometre cycling trip across Kerala. They needed a cycle to complete the trip and for this reason, they started out as a solution for their personal pain point, quickly evolved into a company with over 4000 listings across nine cities and seven categories.

Moreover, Travel, which is one of the key categories of Rentsetgo, is a multi-billion dollar business in India and a sector that is ripe for disruption. This sector offers a wide variety of products that need different and unique ways of handling allowing them as a company to garner deep insights into the market.

Shruti Ajmera Reddy and Sunith Reddy started it as the co-founders. The initial team was of just 4 people working on the tech, operations and business aspects of RentSetGo. This team of 4 member has now grown to a lean and fast paced team of 16 that is handling operations and business in 9 cities across India.

Aligning the team, was never a challenge to them, as they are the generation of today that believes in access over ownership, and that is why the whole concept behind RentSetGo fits so well in their ideologies. They publicise enough to make sure people know about such conveniences they can avail. Core team has a varied background, which is not restricted to the IITs and IIMs and thereby brings in rich experience to the team. They are from all the fields Finance, Consulting, Tech and Strategy background owing to the fact that they have completed their education from IIT-Bombay, IIT-Madras, S.R.C.C, VJTI and so on. The team is young and driven by a batch of people in their Twenties.


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