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Rental Uncle ushering the rental needs in a convenient manner

Renting a home is a hassle for both the property owners and tenants who want to rent it. The mediators or the middlemen involved make merry in between the property owners and the tenants. To avoid this hassle and enable the property owners to help rent their property and to cut size the amount of time taken to go round and round about searching for property Rental Uncle came into the foray of renting business. Rental Uncle is an online technology platform which assists consumers throughout their home search journey from end to end. Rental Uncle provides personal assistance until the consumer finalizes a place and moves in. Rental Uncle also allows property owners to showcase their rental property to a much larger number of prospective tenants. Listing a property on is absolutely free.

Searching for a qualified property as per the specifications and requirements of the clients on Rental Uncle is pretty simple because of the presence of filters on the website. Filters allow the users to choose the property based on the locality preference, budget, amenities etc. Once the user shortlists the properties online, Relationship Executive from Rental Uncle would meet the users and takes the users to view the shortlisted places. If a place is shortlisted then the party can directly finalize the deal with the owner and move into the property soon. Rental Uncle doesn’t charge the consumer any brokerage. A minimum commission is charged from the owner only when a consumer finalizes the place through Rental Uncle and moves in.

 All assistance to consumers is absolutely free and that is what sets it apart from rest of the businesses operating in this space. Most of the property listing websites will stop at sharing owners’ contact details but Rental Uncle Goes all the way to provide on-ground assistance. Basically, they have brought together the benefits of online search and on-ground personal assistance. Not many people are doing that. They are very particular about not showing false or unverified data on the website. So, they have an on-ground data collection team to ensure the authenticity of the property information being displayed on Also, when consumers finalize a place with Rental Uncle’s assistance, they get a cool gift voucher!

The inception of Rental Uncle, people behind it and its working now

The founders and other members of Rental Uncle had been close associates for a long time. It was during their together in Delhi, that they encountered how rental brokers have been playing havoc in finding rental places and looting on desperate clients. Finding a space to live in Delhi is no less than a menace. To solve this issue, they came up with an idea of launching this startup Rental Uncle. Initially setting it up was a tough job both mentally and financially with expenses creeping in and it was a bootstrap project so spending on the project was tough initially. But the relentless efforts and a strong determination of people behind it made it possible. Here is a brief intro of the masterminds of Rental Uncle.

Maj. Vikrant Khare aged 34 years, started his professional journey by securing All India Rank 40th in UPSC entrance exam for NDA. An alumnus of prestigious National Defense Academy and later IIM Lucknow. Vikrant holds a total experience of 13 years starting his career as an Infantarian in Indian Army to Project Head Logistics in Vedanta Resources, General Manager Operations in G4S Cash Solutions and Vice President Operations-Meru Cabs before he plunged into settling his dreams of creating a quality based and meaningful service industry.

Neha Singh aged 27 years is a graduate in Geography from Delhi University and later did her post-graduation from Banaras Hindu University. She, however, decided to pursue her career in Sales & Marketing and served with a few PR and Hospitality companies. Before joining Rental Uncle to create yet another brand, she was working as Sales & Marketing Head-North India with an App based service.

 Arun Goel aged 35 years is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and holds a total experience of 10 years. Arun started his career with Financial Advisory Firm before moving to East Africa for managing a business of a Paper Mill. Later Arun worked with Meru Cabs as Finance Head North India till he joined hands with the new team on his entrepreneurial journey.

Capt. Roopak Gupta aged 35 is an alumnus of Officer’s Training Academy served in Indian Army for 5 years and thereafter started his corporate journey from a Management course in MDI Gurgaon. Roopak has worked with companies like Essar, Hyatt Regency, E-Value serve and Meru Cabs in senior level Operational roles. Roopak is a process man and knows exactly how to scale up operations in quick time.

Most of the properties listed were also fake ones, so weeding out these fake properties was also a tough job. Apart from this convincing the property owners for listing their properties was a tough job too. And to add to this recruiting agents to survey the property was the biggest hurdle. The team of Rental Uncle categorically worked out all these issues.

Rental Uncle was bootstrapped by its founders with an investment of Rs.25Lakhs and rest of the funding’s were given by friends and family costing up to Rs.35 Lakhs. Now they have a hosting of 2000 plus properties with a commercial segment instituted into it. Read Startup News.

Rental Uncle ushering the rental needs in a convenient manner
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