ReMaterials product Modroof is tough to break in any condition


Having cities famous for its slums is a situation that depicts the urgency of the problem of poverty and the unhealthy lifestyle of people in those places. Any small solution to make their lives better is a step towards the development of the entire nation. The every obvious and prevalent problem in the slums is the cheap quality of cement or metal roofs. To avoid the repercussions of using metal and cement roofs, ReMaterials has come up with an innovative new material called Modroof.

Team behind ReMaterials

Engineers are the people who are supposed to come up with solutions to existing problems to make human life better. In a country where almost every child of almost every home is expected to do engineering, we do find a million engineers graduating every year. But how many of them live up to their qualification? Hardly a few.  ReMaterials is the output of some such engineers who believe in improving the lives of families in slums and villages through innovative solutions. Hasit Ganatra (Engineering graduate from University of South California) is the founder supported by Lisa von Rabenau (Mechanical Engineering from TU Darmstadt) who is the head of Engineering at ReMaterials. Considering the criteria of cost and properties of materials at use, the search for better roofing solution began in the year 2012 and the startup formed in January, 2014 with Modroof as the result.

Modroof the tough material

The age old cement and metal roofs have the obvious problems of corrosion and easy breakability. The heat of the room increases a lot due to the good heat absorption properties of the materials, causing health and breathing problems to those living in such houses. Leakages and the sheer amount of noise produced during rains do not make living any better during monsoon. The maintenance and repairs are not affordable either. Whereas modroof, a modular roofing solution, is aesthetically appealing as well as is durable, comfortable, affordable and sustainable. It is better than cement or metal roof as it is waterproof and weatherproof. The modular roof helps in easy shipment and installation. If any damage occurs, only the damaged panel is removed and replaced with a new panel.

ReMaterials funding and more

Modroof is presently being manufactured at Ahmedabad in Gujarat where a few families have already benefitted from the product. ReMaterials is offering the customers a loan system through which the cost can be paid off in 2 years time. The startup is looking for funding to scale up production, set up a high level team and acquire atleast 1000 customers all through Gujarat. They further plan to manufacture solar-roofing product which is under development for powering LED lights or charging batteries. They are the winner of Startup India Rocks Ahmedabad City. Next month they will pitch at the Finale with 100 other startups in Bengaluru. Read more Startup Stories.

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