Reliance Group’s Unlimit, launches Internet Of Things(IoT) for startups

Reliance Group’s Unlimit has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) platform which will aim to enterprise users on Thursday. Reliance’s Unlimit had joined hands with a global IoT Software provider Cumulocity and launched a new platform ‘Enablement’ to showcase their new products and services.

‘Enablement’ will help the users to connect any device and manage and use the data, the users control the data in real-time by monitoring device availability and administer and rectify device faults

Jurgen Hase, CEO of Unlimit said in an interview: “Businesses will be able to configure their own IoT solutions to meet their needs and maximise their output and can develop their own IoT app in a few minutes. With the number of connected devices in India projected to rise from 200 million today to 3 billion by 2020, nearly every part of the economy will be positively impacted by IoT.”

The merge will offer the enabling Unlimit’s customers to benefit from a rapid machine, sensor and device integration, as well as data collection and real-time analytics for condition monitoring from Cumlocity.

Commenting on the mergence, Bernd Gross, Chief Executive Officer, Cumulocity: “The ‘Enablement’ platform and its suite of customised products provide end customers in many specialist vertical markets with the tools to easily embed IoT into their business, rapidly exploit the benefits and continuously evolve to their demands and desires.”

After the merge Unlimit will increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve predictive inventory control thereby increasing operational efficiency by 40%. Read more about Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Reliance Group’s Unlimit, launches Internet Of Things(IoT) for startups
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