REBOOT: A 3 day boot camp for elite of tomorrow


In a country where there is figuratively no difference between a real sheep flock and that of students pursuing whatever ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ does because? ‘log kya kahenge?’

One of their many events, Reboot is a 3-day boot camp by Spaceman and Mammoth, where you, as the name suggests, get rebooted as a student in this competitive world of opportunities. Filled with powerful speakers, speeches, sessions, activities and the best there is to offer to the 12th done and the undergrad society of the city, Reboot aims for a marketable student for his/her own future.

Reboot 2016 was an action packed event which was attended by about 60 students from different colleges from around the country.  All of these students were accommodated into the scenic Divya Retreat Resorts near Hyderabad.

Day 1 included ice breaker sessions and talks from Vaishali Neotia, Founder CEO of Merxius Technologies and P Sandeep, Hello Curry who have been a real delight to the students who have attended the event. Networking dinner was followed where students had a real good interaction with the speakers.

Day 2 started off with just as much gusto as the previous one with a communication activity focused on the strengths and weaknesses of everyone and also their team working abilities. Reboot inculcated the concept of Rapid Idea Prototyping , where students were encouraged to work on their own startup ideas. Nayan Mitta of Violetstreet was the speaker who shed to light a few very valuable insights on the how, when and why of starting up.

Day 3 involved an inspirational talk by Sanjay Enishetty from 50k ventures where he inspired students on how great things can be achieved by even the simplest of the simple folk. He was followed by a session of ‘What Next’? by the Confluence Edu. AIESEC’s Likitha, an intern at AIESEC shared her travel stories and it was followed by an introduction to AIESEC.

Reboot Experience

Reboot was concluded by Kaushik Nooguri, founder of the Spaceman and Mammoth.

‘Bend down and work hard. Just like you do more reps while swimming with your head down, you get more out of everything if you work in a humble fashion’ Says Kaushik to the students present.

‘It was a really wonderful experience and I’ve learnt a lot. The tents has to be the best part of the entire Reboot experience for me’ Says Phanindra, NIT, Jharkhand who was all smiles.

‘I met a lot of new people and I got to meet a lot of influential people here. Jellyfish!!!!!’ Said an enthusiastic Divya Pasumarthy, quoting a move she learnt at the camp.

Wondering about what next? Don’t worry no longer, Reboot will be back and round the corner soon for you to experience it.

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