Are you ready to become Entrepreneur?

A recent report by NASSCOM says by 2020 India will have more than 10,000 startups. Its good to see that interest towards Entrepreneurship has been increased in past few years and young people are giving preference to startup rather than a job. But have you ever thought that is this a right platform for you or not? Before understanding a work style of an entrepreneur lets understand that what are essential things for entrepreneurship:
  • Do you think to start about any idea or vision?
  • Do you feel you are ready to take risk of the business?
  • Are you ready to face different kind of people?
These are few questions which need to be asked from self before opting Entrepreneurship as a career, because it is difficult grow without ensuring everything in this field. You need to get yourself motivated for this. Self motivation will help to build self confidence, hence it will help you to take a right decision.
Customer building and Team focus
Being an Entrepreneur you have to meet different kind of people, as you have to initiate customer building process. For any business customer are god, they are everything. You will face different kind of people across, it may possible that after pitching for sale to 100 people all will say no, some will agree but reject at last moment of sale. All these things help you to learn selling techniques.
A good Entrepreneur makes his/her strategy focusing to customer’s requirement and to understand this you have to meet as many customer as you can. For all these effort your team activity is very important. Ultimately your team will be point of contact between your business and customer.You should keep motivating and educating team with learning from failure stories and how to convert them into success.
Patience and Staunchness
An Entrepreneur prepare his/her product according to market need. However it is not assured that you will found all these things at first day of your business plan it is a time taking process. You will learn it from research, feedback, survey and data collection. All these things will help you to prepared a good product with business plan. To make your startup success it is essential that your product should be beneficial to maximum customer. In this you have to face many difficulties and patience and staunchness are two things which will help you to be motivated.
A startup life is not easy, an Entrepreneur start their day early morning and sometimes work overnight as well they have to work 10-12 hours daily during initial days to make a good base of business.
Are you ready to become Entrepreneur?
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