Hey chefs out there! Raamukaaka is your career growth angel

Raamukaaka is an enterprise which is a subset of the food & Hospitality industry & intends to create a niche in the home cooking arena with a motive to change the drudgery & monotony associated with home cooked food by bringing in diversified culinary hands. By having a pool of chefs’ under one roof makes them available to anybody looking out for fresh, flavorful, healthy and tasty meals cooked in the comfort of one’s own home on a monthly and on-demand basis.

Anybody who can head the kitchen & whip up a delicious meal while maintaining a hygienic environment is a chef

The first challenge was to convince people as many families that have a cook coming over to prepare their meals are innumerable while the second was to change the perception of a chef. Ramukaaka took the inspiration from Marco Pierre White, the ‘Godfather of Modern Cooking’ and started giving their best by training the chefs and giving the customers free trials to start with. The effort turned to be a fruit and gave immense happiness.

Raamukaaka Birth story

The founder was back to his friend’s place after a long drive at banglore only to find the messy kitchen and ended up ordering food with a half heart thinking of a “ raamukaaka ” who can cook food like it was at his home. And that’s how Raamukaaka was born.

No food is tastier than a home cooked one

Their chefs’ have aligned themselves to the motto of ’spreading joy through food’. To them, home cooking is way of being a part of people’s lives and creating an indelible impression. The chefs have been in the restaurant industry for over 13 years while some have been home cooks for close to 12 years. Each comes with a core competency in certain specific cuisines.

A short and crisp bite about founders

Two of the founders are from engineering background graduated from MIT (Manipal) and had previously worked in sales and marketing team with many reputed firms while the other holds an experience in the software field.

A Big plan ahead after a massive hit

With their operations restricted to a single society, and a pool of 3 chefs since mid- June 2016 they were able to provide services to 9 families with the most utilization and has achieved a 100% hit ratio. In last three months they have grown to 5 chefs planning to make their presence felt in and across Pune and reach to at least 1000 premium families. This model might appeal to the bachelor segment as this provides an end to end solution to all their kitchen needs.

Get certified and employed under one roof

Raamukaaka intends to create employment for the strata of society whose skills aren’t backed by a formal education and supports the PMO’s initiative of Skill India campaign. This employment opportunity offers the chefs a growth, in terms of exposure to variety of cuisines and mastering the ones of their choice in a structured manner. Raamukaaka intends to get the chefs certified to seek a better employment with any other reputed organization in the future.

Raamukaaka deliverables include

  • Fresh meals,
  • Meals with a variety of 3/5 items depending on the selection
  • Specialty cuisines included in the monthly package
  • Fine dining experience at your home
  • Entire kitchen cleaning and set up
  • Diet maps& Calorie meter
  • Fortnight/monthly customer satisfaction review

Yes! A participant of Startup India rocks

The founder was one of the participants at Start-up India Rocks Goa last year and tried making quiet good contacts. The team has a couple of mentors including VP, Branding from Time Network, Company President of BILCARE pharma and people from companies like PWC and Sundaram Mutual Funds and even got an offer from Singapore incubator. The funds raised will be utilized in increasing the skill sets of the chefs by ensuring better training and development of a CRM software to manage the operations. They are looking close to USD 250,000.

Much more to come

Raamukaaka is in a plan to build an autonomous operation managing systems which will require least interference from a human. This will ensure cost saving in operations in long terms. They are currently in the phase of scaling and has a huge demand in place which they have validated with one of the marketing stunts and are now tying up with agencies who do placements for the cooks/chefs. They have also hired a trainer who will be training the chefs over the period of 15 days which is the most important part of the business model. So let us wait to watch their future endeavors.Read more on Startups.

Hey chefs out there! Raamukaaka is your career growth angel
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