Is Productivity Really Important in Project Management


Most project managers vouch the fact that productivity remains one of the top skills for effective management. Productivity not only boosts the performance of the employees but also helps in quality project management. But, productivity is a lot more than getting more done in the limited time when it comes to project management. Productivity also governs a lot of other factors without which the project can literally come to a standstill. In this blog post, we discuss the factors that have a connection with productivity in Project Management.


  • Optimized use of resources: Having the desired productivity holds a direct relationship with the way the resources are used in the project management. If the productivity of the project is high, then the resources can be used in a balanced manner. On the other hand, if the productivity is not up to the mark then even the use of resources will get unbalanced. Thus, the productivity holds importance in optimizing the use of resources in project management activity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The initial processes in managing the project may require an investment of higher amount. But with the stabilization of productivity, the entire process of project management also becomes cost-effective. The increased productivity covers the higher cost of investment, thereby reaping equivalent or higher profits. As a result, the importance of productivity directly affects the related cost of the project management.
  • Increased output: The direct relationship between the output of the project and its productivity is not hidden from any of the leading business. All the established businesses understand that if the productivity of the project is maintained, then the output will always be higher. Therefore, no special efforts are needed to highlight the importance of productivity for managing the product’s output.
  • Enhanced operations: For maintaining the business’s position and market value, several efforts are taken. One of those efforts is enhancing the applied operations for project management. But as simple as it is, one can only improve the quality of the operations if the productivity for that project is on the higher level. If the productivity is lacking behind, the operations can never be enhanced. Thus, the importance of productivity signifies for improving the operations for project management.
  • Better services: If customers are not satisfied, they take no time in switching to the competing party. Therefore,  it has become mandatory to provide them with the best services from the project. It is very obvious that if the project’s productivity is not as expected, it can never provide better services to the customer. Thus, productivity is important for delivering high-level services.
  • Improved quality: Delivering quality project is a must if you want to attract new customers and want to retain the existing. But the quality of the project can never be improved if it is not implied more, which is not possible without having better productivity. This further signifies that the productivity is really important for improving the quality of the project. As a result, an improved quality project can easily be managed and therefore,  it eases the management of the project.
  • Accurate results: Investing so many efforts in the project development, testing, implementing, etc. will be of no use if the project does not deliver the desired and accurate results. The productivity of the project if applied in the right direction can help in correcting the results. As the project will be implemented on different platforms the management team will get aware about the various flaws in the project. Correction of those flaws from the project can balance the delivery of desired results. Thus the productivity is also important for the delivery of accurate project’s results.
  • Better teamwork: It is human nature that they perform well when they are achieving the set targets and goals. Without the need of saying that the improved productivity helps in improving the teamwork between the various members of the project. When the project’s members will be sure that their consistent efforts are delivering high productivity and better results, their teamwork will improve. Hence, the efficiency of the teamwork is directly influenced by the increased level of productivity.
  • Desired training: You are never too old to learn new things. But to get the desired training, you must be sure that this will not affect the project’s reputation. Since the time invested in learning any new skill can be utilized in finding ways to improve productivity, if it is lacking. Thus, with a low productivity, no one would be desired for undergoing any training. To note the conclusion, if you need to train your employees you need to have improved productivity.
  • Experimenting with methods: When the authorities of the project will be sure that the project is delivering a remarkable productivity, they can experiment with different methods. Trying different and innovative methods is the need of the hour. Thus the project management team will get the confidence to innovate the implementation method only when they are leading in productivity. Therefore, the increased and improved level of productivity is needed for trying different experiments.



Project management was never this easy before. With increased productivity, you can achieve the best you have planned before the project gets into full swing. For that to happen, you need to learn the above methods and focus on increasing productivity on an internal level. 

The article is contributed by ProProfs a project management tool.

Is Productivity Really Important in Project Management
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