Preksh! Shop the old fashioned way through a portal

You love to shop. It could be for garments, furniture, or anything else. You have two options, first is online but your are not sure how that product looks in person. Second is the old fashion fuel burning store hopping (offline shopping). What if I said you can get the same experience of the physical store through a portal? Prekesh is doing that right now!

Preksh is the World’s First Patented Augmented Reality solution for retail. It has 2 patents for the technology which allows you to shop online virtually in physical offline stores. Preksh makes use of VR-based technology and is a boon for emerging offline retailers and shoppers alike. Excited already? Well, there’s more

Preksh is all about making shopping fun, trustworthy, simple and safe. People generally find it easy to shop online but have lot of trust issues even with warranty assurances by the e-commerce websites. Offline shoppers find it a bit tiresome shopping in physical stores and also they have a MISSING OUT feeling on the huge discounts that are pulled up on the screens of an online store.

Preksh’s augmented reality concept fuses both the online gist and the offline fun. It LITERALLY allows you to walk through stores sitting right where you are in your cosy chair and handpick ( not in physical sense .Well it’s all virtually right?). It allows users to compare stuff ON shelves and even bargain with the retailers as we do in person.

The patent rights of this awesome technology are what puts Preksh as a fast growing competitive seed in this era of digital marketing. Preksh is open for all the retailers and all those who want to expand their businesses into the digital realm in a not so conventional way. This, in a larger perspective, will bring up the businesses of a lot of small time shopkeepers as well as widen the reach of bigger brands out of which they are already associated with a handful. Van Heusen, Mom & Me and Target are already in association with Preksh which it aims to partner for a long time.

Preksh is an 18 member team with 4 Co-Founders at the helm. It aims to make people use its tech as a habit. They are on the run to expand in EMEA and North America using channel partners as well as bringing out Preksh App and VR gadget to make shopping even more fun.

Preksh is a bootstrapped firm which is as of now internally funded but soon aims to be an exciting and promising venture for investors. The business model involves subscription and also includes set up fee in accordance with their clientage. An awesome tech with awesome features and future, Preksh is indeed a boon for the shopping Prekshak.


Preksh! Shop the old fashioned way through a portal
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